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Post by Eorl @ 03:45pm 16/10/13 | 8 Comments
With the next-gen console wars heating up as we get closer to the November release dates questions still remain on who exactly will hold first place in the next-gen race. To help better understand exactly what Sony's PlayStation 4 and Microsoft's Xbox One are offering under-the-hood, tech site Xpango has revealed a handy infographic to help ease the confusion.
Fighting out of the black corner, hailing from Tokyo, Japan, we’ve got the PS4. Sony’s 4th console has a strong gaming pedigree, and has been impressing fans in the build up to the big fight, taking the early plaudits in both the press conferences and media.

It’s opponent, fighting out of Redmond, Washington, USA, is the Xbox One. A third generation multi-media titan, it’s caused controversy in the run up to this contest with a series of statements that have angered some fans.

After backtracking and a late game charm offensive, it’s regained some ground, and looks ready to take on Sony’s prize asset in the fight of the decade!
The slimmed down infographic is thanks to Xpango's recent blog post on the same topic, though with a lot less words and more pretty pictures. Check it out in full over here and let us know your thoughts on both consoles and where you think they are at right now.

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Posted 04:00pm 16/10/13
I wonder if they had to pay Michael Buffer for use of his trademarked catchphrase.
Posted 04:15pm 16/10/13
Personally I think the XBox One is going to smash it in, and not because I think its any better, they're pretty much the same in most regards in real world terms tbh, but it just comes down to marketting. My family is usually my yardstick for the average consumer, because theres my brother who enjoys games but doesn't follow any gaming news or communities, and theres my parents who are pretty much tech-oblivious and only know what they see advertised or pushed at them.

After Bathurst on the weekend I had a phone call from my brother all excited about the XBox One and Forza 5 and the Top Gear stuff in it, and hes wanting to get one (and knows absolutely nothing about, and doesn't care about all the 'controversial' stuff that has gamers up in arms and convinced Microsoft is doomed), and I had my father asked me about the XBox One as well because hes seen it advertised.

Conversely, neither of them even knew the PS4 existed.

I'm sure PS4 will still do well, and amongst gamers people seem to be leaning towards it because of (among other reasons) all the anti-microsoft sentiment, but its the console that captures the mass market that is going to win. And so far, to me, that doesn't seem like something Sony is geared up to do.
Posted 06:19pm 16/10/13
I'm not a console gamer, but if I was going to pick one I would back the Xbone. Better launch titles. Controller is sexy too.
Posted 09:06pm 16/10/13
Yeah I was iffy on the Xbone after it was announced, the PS4 just seemed to have the market cornered, but honestly I'm leaning towards the Xbone now I will wait one year before I purchase my next gen and I will see how the numbers look and what most of my friends have that will be the defining moment for me.

Oh and I'll be waiting to see how the Steam OS looks.
Posted 09:10pm 16/10/13
Cool pic. Thanks.
Posted 11:47pm 16/10/13
@Khel I hope not!! Personally i hope the PS4 goes gangbusters on Xbox one -- MS needs a wake up call, it's pretty much exactly the same as what Sony needed and deservedly got with the PS3. Actually if you go back to their release (PS3/Xbox360)i think sentiment is much the same - just companies reversed.

It'd be great to see the Xbone vs PS4 sales in a regional basis. I'd hazard a guess that xbone will do extremely well in the US and poorly in Europe\Asia.
Posted 11:37am 17/10/13
The infogram basically boils down to "Both consoles are pretty similar, buy what you like"

What a waste of a link, imo.
Posted 05:29pm 23/10/13
They are both consoles.
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