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Post by Eorl @ 11:34am 16/10/13 | 1 Comments
Crytek has announced that their new free-to-play FPS that has been going through stringent beta testing will be available for the public come next Monday, on October 21st.

In a new post on their official website that keeps it short and sweet, the developer also revealed that anyone who is wanting to sign up early for the open beta can do so now on their new official website.

A new trailer has also been released alongside the launch date that offers up some explosive-looking content to marvel at. Check it out below.

warfacecrytekfree-to-play fps
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Latest Comments
Posted 07:42am 22/10/13
Anyone give this a go?

Tried it, 3 servers, North America, Europe and Turkey... FAIL

8 player games... FAIL

Mouse movement is horrendous. Just so notchy and sometimes the only way to get a bead is to aim in the general direction and strafe walk target into reticle... yuck.

Game crashed twice in 3 games. Just dropped out and went back to loading screen, loaded then sat there doing nothing...

Checked out shop, looks pay to win. Buy guns with ingame credits or buy with real money... Rental system too, so when you buy a gun, you get it for a day or so many hours... f*****g hate that... ingame credits look like a grind too but guess thats what you can expect from FTP.

Graphics aren't much to rave about either and then there's Gface.... omg it makes Origin look like the golden child of gaming... f*** it's terrible.

Was hoping this might hold me over for a few days till BF4 releases but this one looks set for the recycle bin.
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