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Guerilla Games' official Killzone blog has a new write-up detailing another of the game's player classes, the Support Class:
The primary ability of the Support Class is the Revive Drone, which deploys a hovering medical robot that can resuscitate critically wounded comrades. Dying team mates who accept medical treatment and are successfully revived will receive full health with additional ammo and a temporary 25% health boost. They also avoid losing a life and having to start over from the spawn point – which can make all the difference during intense matches, particularly in custom Warzones with limited lives turned on.
Additionally, and probably more interestingly, some new gameplay footage of the flagship PlayStation 4 launch title has found its way online.

The video is camera footage shot off screen in what appears to be the same forest level seen in the E3 2013 demo, but as this attentive NeoGAF user explains (thanks VG247), there's a few noticeable enhancements to the visual effects since we last saw it. Watch it below.

Killzone Shadow Fall is due as a PlayStation 4 exclusive launch title when the console lands in Australia on November 29th 2013.

killzonekillzone shadow fallguerilla gamessonytrailer

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