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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 11:17am 14/10/13 | 8 Comments
Telltale took away numerous awards with their last adventure gaming effort, The Walking Dead, based on the popular comic series of the same name. Thankfully their next effort, which follows suit in play style and for being based on another popular comic series, Fables, looks poised to not only recreate TWD's success, but potentially better it.

The Wolf Among Us is the first in a planned series of games built around the Fables universe, though they're reportedly stand-alone to the comics, preferring to walk their own narrative path without following any established story runs from the Funny Book. We gave review duties to Telltale expert Jickle, who looks to have found something worth getting excited about.
Right from the start it feels like the work of an assured, energised developer, one looking to top their crowning achievement. Whether or not this will actually happen is anyone’s guess, but things are off to a promising start...
Click here for our full The Wolf Among Us Review.

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Latest Comments
Posted 11:28am 14/10/13
Just came in here to say it has an awesome story. Finished ep. 1 (on PC) last night and it was great. no much in terms of game mechanics but i still thoroughly enjoyed it.
Posted 01:03pm 14/10/13
I just finished it then. Was a huge fan of the Walking Dead game. So far the characters are great and I love the art style. Especially the use of the purples and other colours.

My only real gripe is having to wait between episodes!
Posted 01:23pm 14/10/13
played the episode sunday arvo and absolutely loved it. who would have thought a noir fairytale game would work? the 80's comic book style art design is gorgeous and music and voice actors are phenomenal. it definitely feels a lot more polished than the walking dead. the only real con i have are the controls which are still a bit wonky, but not game breaking.

i would recommend this game to anyone enjoyed the walking dead, even if you're like me and don't know anything about the fables comic books series it's based on.
Posted 02:36pm 14/10/13
i would recommend this game to anyone enjoyed the walking dead

I didn't like the walking dead.. mostly cause i didn't like the story it was so generic (imo anyway).. point is, if you like story driven games and are looking for a good story experience with a basic combat then this game is worth playing.

as i said before I loved the game, cant wait for ep. 2..
Posted 03:30pm 14/10/13
Just from the first episode I have feeling this may be a bigger feels story than The Walking Dead was. Story was amazing, as was the animation and the artstyle is gorgeous.
Posted 09:00am 15/10/13
Loved the story so far. Sucks that it's so short a game and so long a time between episodes.

Also, holy s*** at the end bit. The feels, bro.
Posted 10:13am 15/10/13
any idea when the next ep. is going to be released?
Posted 11:03am 15/10/13
i think they're hoping to release an episode every month or so like they did with the walking dead.
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