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Post by Eorl @ 03:08pm 11/10/13 | 14 Comments
With Grand Theft Auto 5 and its online multiplayer counterpart now out and about on the current-gen consoles, attention has turned to whether we will soon be seeing a PC version of the popular open-world sandbox title. According to Eurogamer, that wishful thinking could soon pay off.

While nothing has been officially confirmed by developer Rockstar, Eurogamer's multiple industry sources "have indicated the open world game [...] will come out on PC in the first quarter of 2014." Eurogamer notes that this rumour mirrors that of the Grand Theft Auto 4 release, which saw a release on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on 29th April 2008 before launching on PC in December 2008.

Whether this information will turn out to be true or not, there isn't any harm in hoping for more platforms to experience the crazy acts of the three main protagonists plus the online shenanigans that many are already experiencing.

grand theft auto 5rockstarrumourpc release
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Latest Comments
Posted 04:48pm 11/10/13
Romour-milling COMMENCE!

It wasn't til GTA:O that I /really/ wanted it on PC...

I don't see 'early' (Q1) 2014 being the launch for it myself. Rockstar have previously stuck to a 8-12 month 'delay' for PC.

I'm all for being pleasantly proven wrong in this case, but yeah, it's all about managing expectations now (really s*** that R* haven't said anything; does QGL/AG's have any reputable contacts with them or Take2?)
Posted 04:57pm 11/10/13
Yeah like i said before the game will come out the same time as Xbox One/PS4 version or just a couple of months afterwards.

However I would love to get for Christmas :(
Posted 04:58pm 11/10/13
Just pick it up on console and then buy it on PC when it comes out
Posted 07:35pm 11/10/13
Pretty much what I did Mos. I'm certain I'll be tripple dipping if this comes to both PC and PS4.
Posted 11:25pm 11/10/13
i get bored after playing a game once so i'll wait for the PC version. Plenty to play until then.
Posted 10:32pm 15/10/13
I too am double dipping. PS i dont like that log in box down the bottom right of the page now. took me too long to find it.
Posted 12:16pm 16/10/13
Screw double dipping, why do you think they're delaying it in the first place? You're giving them what they want ;_;
Posted 12:37pm 16/10/13
Yep. This is why we get s*** games now, DLC after DLC, a regurgitated 'AAA' game every 18 months, etc, everyone still buys them.
Posted 12:44pm 16/10/13
It's an outrage.
Brendo Unchained
Posted 11:09pm 16/10/13
Yeah I think I will buy it on PC as well, but in the meantime I'm loving it on xbox... only recently started a character, made him look kinda like heisenberg.

beejay42 is my ID if anyone is up for some shenanigans.
Posted 03:14pm 17/10/13
Screw double dipping, why do you think they're delaying it in the first place? You're giving them what they want ;_;
yeh it seems weird to me as well. At least this one has an online component, so maybe it makes a bit more sense. I personally have no interest in the online component and aside from the fact that I just really want to play it, I feel like I lose nothing by waiting for it to come out on PC. And then waiting longer for it to be on sale.
Posted 05:58pm 17/10/13
And then waiting longer for it to be on sale.

FTW. F*** paying top price for new release.

Just play games 6-12 months after release when you grab them cheap on sale n save a f***tonne.

Even steam seems to be offering 50% off games a few months after release to (i assume) attract the attention of the people that didnt commit to full price upon release.
Posted 08:10pm 17/10/13
I will probably double dip too, I could sell my PS3 version at that time to help pay for it. Wait and see what DRM it has on it.
Posted 09:27pm 17/10/13
I'd double dip if it came out on ps4
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