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A flood of new details of the upcoming The Order: 1886 have spilled forth from the latest issue of print publication Game Informer magazine, which features a 12 page spread on the PlayStation 4 exclusive new IP being co-developed by Sony Santa Monica and Ready at Dawn.

As per usual, copyright infringing scans of the publication are probably only a rudimentary web search away, but both CVG and the NeoGAF community have us covered anyway, both with detailed summaries of the points of note. Here's a taste:
  • The studio began work on its own new engine in 2009, which "takes full advantage of the new capabilities of the PlayStation 4"
  • GI states The Order: 1886 has "the most stunning in-game visuals we've ever seen"
  • All of the visuals shown in the reveal trailer represent The Order's in-game visual fidelity. The characters seen in the trailer are in-game models, as are the weapon effects and other visual effects
  • Ready At Dawn showed the same trailer but dynamically altered the light sources on the fly and moved the camera to new angles
  • "Filmic presentation" is a central focus for the studio, so the player's view is very much like it would be in a third-person shooter, but it's closer to something used in a big-budget movie
  • The studio is aiming to capture a more "organic" feel using the camera style to better represent the setting
  • Everything in The Order is modelled with soft-body physics, which means it reacts authentically to external forces
  • Soft body makes effects such as "bending and morphing a metal beam in reaction to a powerful magnetic force, or making boards of a ramshackle wall buckle before splintering when pressure is applied" possible
If this is the first you're hearing about The Order 1886, but the notion of supernatural abilities in a steampunk Victorian England piques your interest, check out the E3 2013 trailer from back in June, below.

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