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Eidos Montreal has re-opened the floodgates of information for upcoming reboot Thief, with several new screenshots and concept art plus a new gameplay trailer showcasing the shadowy Garrett in action.

The new trailer offers up a glimpse at the sprawling city that Garrett calls home, but also gives some background on just what the master thief will be doing with his spare time, from stealing precious jewels to escaping burning bridges. To help give you an idea of what to expect a number of gaming websites are offering up their previews, which you can find a snippet of below:
  • Polygon:
  • Combat is a rudimentary affair of bashing enemies with various weapons that can be selected from a control wheel. That Focus button slows down time and reveals soft-spots, offering useful aid in a tight spot. Garrett can also swoop down on players, incapacitating tin-helmeted goons from above.
  • VG247:
  • In an ideal world, the PC, current-gen and next-gen versions of Thief – and every multi-gen release, for that matter – would be handled by distinct teams that could best leverage the advantages of each platform. However, that would be massively resource intensive and, in most cases, prohibitively expensive. Understanding Eidos’ focus, I now approach Thief as a title that comes at the end of this generation rather than one that’s intended to usher in the next.
  • Gamereactor:
  • It's a tiny addition here, but it makes a stupid amount of difference to how much we feel immersed in the world. Any time we grab corner cover, Garrett's hand snakes out to grasp the wall or object we've stolen behind. If you're near another corner, a button press will twist you quickly round to do the same there. Peer out with a touch of the stick, and the first-person camera work will shift convincingly to mimic a body leaning out. I find myself constantly paralleling the thief's movement in my chair. As Garrett palms painting frames to find a hidden lever, I almost miss the tell-tale switch icon that pops up on the game screen, as I have my head tilted to one side, as if I'm in the room conducting the illegal activity myself. The tactile connection gives you as richer sense of being there
    As always you can find the full gallery of new screenshots and concept art over at our game page, but have a squizz below for the gameplay trailer for look at just where Garrett calls home.

    Thief will be launching on February 26th, 2014 for PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4

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