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Post by Dan @ 10:14am 03/10/13 | 12 Comments
Not to be outdone by Forza Motorsport 5's recent announcement, developer Polyphony Digital has revealed that the upcoming Gran Turismo 6 will also feature the iconic Australian motorsport circuit, Bathurst.
Gran Turismo 6 will bring Bathurst to life in living rooms around the world. With Polyphony Digital’s legendary attention to detail when recreating a location, and next generation technology making the 3D model rendering better than ever, the result is a virtual carbon - copy of the Bathurst track, which will make the gaming experience truly absorbing for all who experience it.

"We are very pleased to be able to include Bathurst in o ur expanded selection of race tracks available in Gran Turismo 6 ," said Kazunori Yamauchi, the Gran Turismo creator and President of Polyphony Digital Inc. "Since its inception 15 years ago, Gran Turismo has listened to fan feedback and added extra features so that we now offer 1200 cars and 33 circuits from all across the world . I t seems only right that the legendary Mount Panorama circuit is included as fans will now have a ch ance to drive one of the toughest tracks out there. Described by some as Australia’s very own N ü rburgring, this is a formidable track that will provide an exciting new challenge for PlayStation gamers."
Take a look at the Mount Panorama Track in-game in the trailer and screenshots below.

Gran Turismo 6 is due on PlayStation 3 on December 6 2013.

gran turismo 6trailerscreenshotssonypolyphony digital
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Latest Comments
Posted 11:12am 03/10/13
Will buy for this alone (please make a PC version).
The GuVna
Posted 12:06pm 03/10/13
EA no longer have exclusive rights to the track, so you'll see Bathurst in a slew of racing games now because of that, if you want it on PC, iRacing will have it soon to :)
Posted 01:17pm 03/10/13
Ps3 ... isn't ps4 out by then ?
Posted 04:55pm 03/10/13
Ps3 ... isn't ps4 out by then ?

Yep, tho you're not familiar with Polyphony Digital's development timeframes/schedules are you?

I've got a Pre-order on a PS4, but I keep asking myself why...

GTA V and GT6 are about all that's coming out on console that have my interest atm.

I'm stuper keen for GT6, but I'm hoping they've improved the menu system, the menu load times, improvements/refinements on the PP system (I think Forza 3's 'performance rating' system was much better balanced) and incorporated some multiplayer mechanics/systems to allow players to more easily host a 'season' or 'racing series'.

I'd like to see some deformable vehicle damage system and some 'less beige' physics from the GT series, but I doubt either of those will deviate much in GT6.
Posted 05:02pm 03/10/13
Also, I thought this made news a few years ago when a Bathurst local approached a 'camera car' doing laps of the mountain a few years ago and the team taking the photo's were Polyphony staffers.
Posted 05:07pm 03/10/13
I don't get it... you can already drive Bathurst with a better range of cars and more realistic physics in rFactor.
Posted 07:22pm 03/10/13
They need to move away from playstation ffs. Bring the game to all consoles and especially PC.
Posted 07:26pm 03/10/13
Considering they are an internal studio which is part of SCE, i doubt that it would happen.
Posted 02:02am 05/10/13
Won't be bathurst unless we get a full compliment of falcodores along with it. GT5 only had the Monaro as far as I can remember (it was a terrible performer but y'know... straya...)
Posted 05:34am 05/10/13
Nah there was also a vy SS i believe and a i think some kind of falcon, terrible cars though just like irl
Posted 01:22am 09/10/13
Got to play this while down at EB Expo last weekend. Quite enjoyed it.

They've really captured the feel of the track however yeah, needs the V8 SuperCars.
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