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Post by Dan @ 10:04am 02/10/13 | 8 Comments
Valve's trio of big announcements came and went last week without a single mention of the much begged for Half-life sequel, but today a couple of signs have emerged suggested that Half-life 3 is indeed a thing.

Reports emerged earlier today that Valve's internal project management service/bug tracker was briefly publicly accessible, and several reliable sources verified a database listing a total of 46 staff assigned to Half-life 3 development (thanks GAF).

Secondly, a trademark application for the name Half-life 3 was recently filed with Europe's Office of Harmonization in the Internal Market by Valve Corporation, dated September 29 (thanks Gematsu).

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Posted 10:15am 02/10/13
Posted 10:15am 02/10/13
Why can't i give valve money yet?
Posted 11:14am 02/10/13
Well was still hopeful on episode 3 but hey I'll take it
Posted 11:40am 02/10/13
Posted 12:12pm 02/10/13
Valve trademarks Half Life 3. There are exactly 24 numbers/letters in that statement. 24 divided by 3 is 8. Also, Today is 1/10/2013. Adding the digits 1+0+1+2+0+1+3 = 8. The volume of 8 fluid ounces is equal to the volume of half a pint. Typically, when served as beer, this is referred to as simply a "HALF". A Valve is connected to a sink. Another meaning for sink is what a submarine does. The main portion of a submarine is the hull. The main purpose of a hull is to support "LIFE". In the opening statement there exactly 5 words (if you count the number as one of them). According to the Mayan calender a Calender Round is 52 Haab' years or 18,980 days. 18,980 days divided by 5 is 3796. 3796 divided by 5 again is 759.2. Adding the digits 7+5+9+2 = 23. In the film "The Number 23", the main character's real name is Jim. That's "3" letters in his name. Half Life 3 confirmed.
Posted 12:50pm 02/10/13
lol monkeez, that gif always cracks me up.
Posted 07:18pm 02/10/13
Well he did mention it on Dorkly recently. http://www.dorkly.com/article/54448/a-message-from-gabe-newell
Posted 08:29pm 02/10/13
6/10 murdoch. Points deducted for incorrect purpose of a hull and poor sink/valve/submarine connection. Otherwise bravo.
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