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Post by Eorl @ 10:20am 27/09/13 | 6 Comments
CCP Games has revealed a new expansion to their long-running space sim MMO EVE Online, this time marking the 20th expansion since their launch back in 2003. The new expansion, titled Rubicon, will be focusing on "individual and small fleet activity" and include new "quick-strike" options that will allow for newer tactical measures in the game.
Rubicon represents the defining moment when the scales of intergalactic power will shift irrevocably to players, the immortal capsuleers. It expands the unmatched autonomy that EVE’s pilots have over their massive game universe at the expense of its four main factions and gives them a greater arsenal with which to build up and tear down the alliances within.

In EVE Online: Rubicon, empowered players wage guerilla-style warfare against their opponents, raid their space and erode industrial power from deep behind enemy lines. Focused on individual and small fleet activity, new quick-strike options offer a powerful war tactic and a fresh style of victory in EVE’s “sandbox” universe.
Rubicon will also be adding in a "versatile new line of faction ships" that are said to be perfect for navigating and infiltrating "nearly 8,000 solar systems of the EVE Universe."

“Twenty expansions in ten years is an amazing milestone built on the shoulders of our legendary player community,” said Andie Nordgren, senior producer of EVE Online. “With Rubicon we are beginning an ambitious journey for the next several expansions of EVE that will end up with players taking control of the most potent technologies in the universe and controlling space on an unprecedented scale. Their insatiable desire for impact and adventure fuels both this vision and our passion for making the largest science fiction game universe.”

You can learn more about the upcoming expansion at the Rubicon hub of Eve Online's official site. More details on the expansion are also available at the CCP's developer blog for those in need of all the intricate details.

eve onlinespace sim mmorubicon20th expansion
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Latest Comments
Posted 10:37am 27/9/13
Mmmm might have to re-sub soon.
Posted 03:02pm 27/9/13
Interceptor, Interdictor, and Marauder class hulls head back to the shipyards for re-engineering, among other balancing changes.

Though I think I'd be better off selling my chars instead.
Posted 03:11pm 27/9/13
I always look at re-subbing when I read about Eve :(
Posted 03:15pm 27/9/13
They named it after a Jeep?
Posted 06:41pm 27/9/13
I dare say they named it after Caesar crossing the Rubicon keeping in the theme of history and mythology for stuffs :)
Posted 07:40pm 27/9/13
they named it after an AMC series?
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