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Post by Dan @ 02:41pm 23/09/13 | 6 Comments
Originally expected at the end of this month, the launch date for's forthcoming free-to-play flight combat MMO World of Warplanes has reportedly now been pushed back to mid November. Eurogamer explains that the game is now scheduled to go public on a staggered launch across November 12th and 13th in Europe and North America, which presumably puts Australia and New Zealand in the same window.
"We are committed to releasing a great title and are doing everything to ensure that World of Warplanes gets the final polish we believe the game needs," said World of Warplanes boss Vlad Belozerov.

"The extra time will allow the development team to fine-tune the game balance and make sure that every feature is top-notch before launch."
World of Warplanes is currently in open beta, and you can read our impressions of the game in this recent hands-on preview.

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Latest Comments
Posted 02:59pm 23/9/13
Will this provide anything that Warthunder currently does not?
Posted 04:02pm 23/9/13
E.T, not really.

It's still a very distant second to WT.

And personally, I can't wait to get my Oculus Rift. WT will be the first thing I boot up, since it already supports it :)
Posted 04:05pm 23/9/13
So Dan did you miss my post from Friday?
Posted 08:51pm 23/9/13
This looks bloody awful..and my friend in the alpha/beta says it's dreadful compared to WoT...I am more excited about World of Warships
Posted 08:56pm 23/9/13
Im sure WoWP is great if your in the same region as the server otherwise its unplayable. Now Warships would be awesome, WG just need to hurry up with a beta.. I assume it will be similar in handling to WoT and won't be useless.

I would like to see War Thunders take on the ground game. I it would be great if they hurried up with a beta of the tanks.
Posted 09:08pm 23/9/13
This looks bloody awful..and my friend in the alpha/beta says it's dreadful compared to WoT...I am more excited about World of Warships

I'm not excited about world of warships at all I'm afraid. I mean, you'll be a ship of some size with no cover and you'll be just throwing salvo's at other ships back and forth until either your dead or they are. I cant see the strategies that we enjoy in World of Tanks being any part of World of Warships. I've watched the videos of gameplay and it looks like something that would get old really quick.
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