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Post by Eorl @ 09:44am 21/09/13 | 25 Comments
For those out there planning on picking up Microsoft's next-gen Xbox One console and are thinking about placing it vertically on their shelf, the console maker has warned that this is probably not a good idea.

Speaking to GameSpot UK, Albert Panello, senior director of product management for Microsoft's Xbox division has warned that the Xbox One does not "support vertical orientation; do it at your own risk." According to Panello this is due to the Xbox One supporting a slot loading drive, something that the team "just didn't design the drive for vertical."

Interestingly, Microsoft's next-gen competitor PlayStation 4 also includes a slot loading drive, however Sony has outlined that users will be able to go both horizontal or vertical without fear of chewing the disc or wrecking the slot.

Xbox One is set for launch on November 22nd across 13 countries including Australia and New Zealand.

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Latest Comments
Posted 10:05am 21/9/13
I hope they include pictures with this warning. As anyone who is stupid enough to buy a xbox1, is most likely too stupid to understand the difference between vertical and horizontal
one point twenty one
Posted 10:10am 21/9/13
^ fanboy alert
Posted 10:18am 21/9/13
edit* f*** nvm
Posted 12:04pm 21/9/13
Yeah a 'this way up sticker'

seriously though who would even set it up like that?
Posted 12:22pm 21/9/13
My 360 current set up is vertical as it fits nicely where I want it to be, before that I had it horizontal
Posted 12:46pm 21/9/13
I hope they include pictures with this warning. As anyone who is stupid enough to buy a xbox1, is most likely too stupid to understand the difference between vertical and horizontal
You just personally insulted me, one more than one level, so f u!
Posted 02:15pm 21/9/13
You can't position it how you want? Damn... It's by far not a deal breaking issue, but personally I find it another setback to the Xbox One. With everything I'm learning about the Xbox One even something that insignifigant is bad news. Think I'll be switching to Playstation this next gen.
Posted 02:46pm 21/9/13
Fuzz, I would have thought the online services alone would have made you think about going to PS lol.

If I'm gonna have to pay for something that should be free, might as well get free games for doing it.
Posted 02:54pm 21/9/13
I've always been skeptical of having dics turned vertically while spinning regardless of whether the drives been designed for it or not. Something about it just makes me think yeaahh no.
Posted 02:55pm 21/9/13
Seriously, they didn't design it for both vertical and horizontal position? When a lot of people have the current xbox in vertical position and intended to replace it.. Silly, silly thinking on the design there. Microsoft is failing pretty hard on this Xboned.

Posted 05:07pm 21/9/13
Meh, it's a non issue really, the original xbox you couldn't stand vertically and if you bought a blu ray player you couldn't either.

Regardless f*** buying any console at launch.
Posted 05:32pm 21/9/13
I thought i would be a clever bugger and have my ps3 vertical. I thought i looked like some hot shot gangsta who holds their gun sideways. Until it fell over and ruined a brand new disc.
Posted 05:37pm 21/9/13
^ fanboy alert

actually i've only been playing games on xbox for a few years now. And except for them f*****g up a 3 month pass i have nothing to complain about.. In fact it is still in excellent condition. If i wasn't such tech whore who must have all the new stuff i would be quite to keep on playing it. But as far as ps4 v xbox1, ps4 just out classes the xbox1 in all areas.
Posted 07:14pm 21/9/13
The thing that always staggered me were the number of people who moved the console while it was vertical AND running.... Gyro effect kicks in and as much as they called it 'Laser burn' it was literally the surface of the disc scrubbing up against the face of the lens...

MS are being a bit more forward about it this time because of the number of discs they had to replace with the 360...
(does no-one remember this? or is it simply because I worked in the industry at the time?)
Posted 09:04pm 21/9/13
did someone order a day one xbox?

i should get be getting my hands on one in January sometime if Amazon's order fulfilment thing is up to scratch. that's my pressie_to(self) sorted

Posted 04:21am 22/9/13
I have a PS3 slim vertically standing with a slot loading drive and to be fair after months of sitting like that it did kinda get dodgy. sometimes the discs dont read after going into the drive... Nothing a bit of ejecting and tilting slightly cant fix but annoying non the less..
Posted 08:31pm 22/9/13
"Here's another feature that makes the Xbox One worse than the PS4"

I dunno what Microsoft were smoking while designing this console... Probably synthetic weed or something stupid.
Posted 09:21pm 22/9/13
Wouldn't the thermal/cooling design of the console be more suited to a particular orientation anyway? Or do they just cook themselves no matter which way they're positioned?
Posted 10:39am 23/9/13
Orientation matters more for passive cooling as the rising hot air will draw cool air in passively.

If there is a chassis fan of some type, it really shouldn't matter which orientation you run it in. It depends how much headroom they've given the cooling system too. They'll need to consider things like dust entry, blocked vents etc.

Being a full blown x86 system, I'd imagine it will have thermal protection so it can't cook itself to begin with, but then again, this console has been f***ed from the beginning.
Posted 12:31pm 23/9/13
I remember when consoles sat in one direction: flat on the ground. What ever happened to that?
Posted 01:29pm 23/9/13
Your holding it wrong
Posted 10:48pm 23/9/13
I remember when consoles sat in one direction: flat on the ground. What ever happened to that?

TV's got bigger and TV cabinet sizes remained the same. Space was minimal for a DVD player and a console, so the invention of the vertical console came into play.
Posted 10:56pm 23/9/13
was the ps2 the first console that could be placed vertical?
Posted 08:49am 24/9/13
What if I put it upside down?
Posted 10:17am 24/9/13
was the ps2 the first console that could be placed vertical?

Heh, yeah, and Sony would gouge you another $50 to buy the stand you needed to stand it vertical :(
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