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Post by Eorl @ 12:12pm 18/09/13 | 4 Comments
Square Enix, developers of the recently re-released MMO Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, has revealed that both PC and PlayStation 3 digital sales have now re-opened.

Sales for the new MMO were suspended on August 28, shortly after the title's early access launch due to severe server login issues causing many players unable to access their characters. Square Enix responded by shutting sales and also turning off several server's character creation abilities.

Square Enix is now claiming that all server issues have now been resolved, and that players should now find a smoother gaming experience. As a way to help appease the troubles the developer offered seven days of free game time to those who registered before September 9, 2013.

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Latest Comments
Posted 12:26pm 18/9/13
Anyone playing this?

Any good?
Posted 12:52pm 18/9/13
I tried it, I dunno how the revamped game got such high reviews.. Playing it was not enjoyable at all..

I actually didn't realise I owned the game back in 2010 for the original version of it. But playing both versions I didn't find anything remarkably amazing or unique about hte experience.

It does look alright visually but took me back once I realised all the dialogue was text. Swtor spoiled me with voice :P
Posted 12:56pm 18/9/13
Its fun if you enjoy WoW but with the Final Fantasy setting. The combat is slow and the questing can be tedious with most quests "locking" you into place without letting you move around. Its very cinematic and the environments are gorgeous, but content wise it can get dull running the same dungeons over and over as you try to grind your way through levels.

There is currently no PVP and I think there is one raid? I'm only level 35 but have stopped my subscription for now until we get some more content. Honestly, it is just WoW's questing system with a Final Fantasy theme slapped on it, though crafting is pretty cool. If you can get the base game for dirt cheap it comes included with a free month so try it out, see if you like it.
Posted 09:21pm 18/9/13
Hmmm that was my suspicion. I'm highly skeptical of any MMO really.
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