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Post by Eorl @ 11:39am 18/09/13 | 7 Comments
The second patch for grand strategy title Total War: Rome 2 has now gone live, with developer Creative Assembly posting up the official patch notes to their Wiki page.

One of the big changes seen in this patch is the reduction of calculation time for AI, which should hopefully see players less frustrated with the time it takes for AI to complete their turn. According to Creative "more than 100 changes and fixes" have been made to the game through the new patch including technical and performance changes.

Those with the game on Steam will find the update applied automatically upon your next login, and you can find all the path notes over here.

creative assemblytotal war: rome 2patch notes
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Latest Comments
Posted 02:18pm 18/9/13
I'm just going to wait a couple months before i play again.,
Posted 04:05pm 18/9/13
After about an hour of MP campaign testing, no desync issues yet. Turn cycle times are faster too.
Nerf Stormborn
Posted 04:37pm 18/9/13
Heh, I'm glad that I don't have the time, money, or hardware for this right now, hopefully by the time it's 85% off on steam everything will be fixed...
Posted 04:54pm 18/9/13
i need a new pc for this game. it sucks on "low" settings :(
Posted 12:37am 19/9/13
I should turn the difficulty up, I have taken over the top half of euroland and no one is really mounting a defence. I have 100k gold too, 4-5k per tern.
Posted 12:20pm 19/9/13
Gotta call you out on your review....I can only assume you received a 'special' reviewers copy with distinct caveats attached..
Posted 12:37pm 19/9/13
Turn times are definitely better for me.

I didn't experience any of the other problems some other players have reported so I guess I lucked out on the hardware/game compatability lottery.
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