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Post by Eorl @ 12:15pm 17/09/13 | 9 Comments
DICE has unveiled a new video today depicting the multiplayer components of their upcoming FPS Battlefield 4, giving an in-game overview on what you can expect from the 10 launch maps and seven game modes come October 29th.
This is Battlefield 4 multiplayer. Immerse yourself in the chaos of all-out war, in a series of unscripted controller-dropping moments, made possible by the power of Frostbite 3.

Battlefield 4 is the genre-defining action blockbuster made from moments that blur the line between game and glory -- moments found only in Battlefield. With dynamic destructible environments, epic vehicular combat, and the chaos of all-out war, Battlefield 4 gives you the freedom to do more and be more for an unrivaled entertainment experience.
Ranging from tanks smashing through shopping complexes to a very large boat smashing onto the shores of an island, it seems DICE are hoping to deliver even more over-the-top explosive scenes compared to Battlefield 3's multiplayer. Check it out below.

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Latest Comments
Posted 12:33pm 17/9/13
I'm taking this with a grain of salt. The videos and talk of BF3 destruction was highly overstated, I don't expect much different this time around too.
Posted 12:38pm 17/9/13
u had me at cut the power......
Posted 12:51pm 17/9/13
Yeah, I know its a Battlefield rendition but once again it looks like a phenomenal game engine with the same standard game play.
Posted 01:06pm 17/9/13
Controller dropping moments? Oh dear....

They said the destruction is more in line with BC2. It clearly looks rampted up from BF3. However I am sure there's some bigger destruction, and more smaller destruction. However it'll still feature a lot of non destructible walls making no consistency to it.

I know this style of maps couldn't really do the BC2 level of destruction because it's a different level of map. However more would be good. So it dynamically alters the map in different ways. Not just have the same s*** that can get blown out ever map.
Posted 02:19pm 17/9/13
the big question is: do they have in-game voice chat like BF2? Without it, you cant just play with randoms and have team play work. Thats what i like about CS... In-Game Voice chat
Posted 02:29pm 17/9/13
I believe squad voice chat (VOIP) has been confirmed.
Posted 03:02pm 17/9/13
Looks and sounds amazing but we all know DICE/EA are the best in the world at building hype from these kind of videos.
The GuVna
Posted 07:48pm 17/9/13
They mention movie making in that trailer, and how it tracks all your moments, has replays been announced / confirmed?
Posted 08:55pm 17/9/13
No replays, it can't be done at the moment (I think because you have to track too many players).
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