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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 12:08am 17/09/13 | 25 Comments
We've been living it up in the greater world of Los Santos and Blaine County to have our Grand Theft Auto V review ready for the masses (or at least, those of you not currently in line waiting for your pre-ordered copy).

What we've found is that, while the GTA formula remains triumphantly intact, the fact that this version remains unedited for Aussies, features three playable characters and a game-world and gameplay system more in line with Red Dead Redemption than GTA IV it should all be taken as a massive boon to a series that is already fantastic. This is the best GTA yet, make no mistake.

Read our full GTA V review to find out why.

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Latest Comments
Posted 01:43am 17/9/13
I read the first line then decided not to read the rest for spoiler possibilities, good score can't wait to play it
Posted 09:36am 17/9/13
God damn, this makes me sad.

I'd been avoiding everything GTA V as it wasn't coming out on PC, but this just makes me want it more.
Posted 09:40am 17/9/13
Give into it the time it comes out on PC you will feel like play it again anyway. Plus there might be DLC by that time too.
Posted 10:11am 17/9/13
All the reviews on Metacritic look pretty good too, I read a couple of the lowest ones just to get an idea of what they didn't like, and mostly they just seemed to be b****ing about their personal dislike of the themes, rather than anything actually wrong with the game.

I was waiting to read some reviews, after getting burned by GTA4, but this is looking pretty solid!
Steve Farrelly
Posted 10:24am 17/9/13
Mosfx, the review is spoiler-free :)
Posted 05:41pm 17/9/13
The gamespot review was done by a female and she was taken aback by the rampant misogyny and only gave the game a 9. So far there are 13500 comments from frothing fanboys complaining about it only getting a 9. Good lord.
Posted 05:54pm 17/9/13
9.8 .3 higher then 9.5. Darn that multi-player.

Patiently waiting for kids bed time before I can lay the smack down on my Xbox..

Posted 06:26pm 17/9/13
Patiently waiting for the superior PC version :)
Posted 09:04pm 17/9/13
PC Version of GTA 5: When only the best will do. I'll be waiting thanks, but i must admit that even the PS3 and Xbox versions make me drool.
Posted 10:56pm 17/9/13
This is great, I'm loving it.
Posted 02:00am 18/9/13
Very awesome, I can see myself losing many hours to this game, already liking the characters heaps more than I did the ones in GTA4.
Posted 03:50am 18/9/13
I thought I'd finish Sleeping Dogs first before starting GTA V otherwise I would never play it. So far it's awesome and looks like GTA V is going to be even better.
Posted 09:20am 18/9/13
Pop-up and framerate issues are noticeable

Posted 09:42am 18/9/13
I've had no real noticeable popup or framerate issues, make sure you aren't running the Play disc off the hard drive, someone posted in the other thread about that, if you copy that disc to the hard drive you get more popup and crappyness since its optimised to stream off the disc.
Posted 09:52am 18/9/13
How come there are photos of, well, I don't know what the f*** they are of, in the screenshots?
Posted 09:54am 18/9/13
I haven't noticed any pop-ups/frame rate issues. I didn't install the Play Disc. Also perhaps those people with issues that also didn't install have a flakey DVD drive?
Posted 10:57am 18/9/13
The gamespot review was done by a female and she was taken aback by the rampant misogyny and only gave the game a 9
Hmm. Doesn't sound like she was taken THAT far aback. Considering GTA3 was originally banned in Australia because you could have sex with a prostitute and then beat her to death immediately afterwards, it seems somewhat unusual that anyone would be surprised at the contents of a game bearing the GTA brand.

Can't wait to play it, but I am also holding out for the PC version.
Posted 09:38am 19/9/13
Yeh true, it definitely tainted her experience tho. I too am holding out for the PC version.
Posted 07:34pm 19/9/13
Fauxtorial (misspelt in the actual review) could be the single most pretentious thing I have ever read, well done Steve.
Posted 08:15pm 19/9/13
You've been posting here too long for that to be true, Pete.
Posted 08:26pm 19/9/13
The misspelling adds to it. An "official ausgamers review" should at least be proof-read.
Posted 08:33pm 19/9/13
I gave up on their reviews after that Sim City shamozzle.
Posted 07:15pm 07/1/14
Really looking forward to the PC version, my god I love this game
Posted 07:55pm 07/1/14
Oh you classic spammers.
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