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Post by Dan @ 09:48am 12/09/13 | 12 Comments
The October issue of Game Informer magazine reportedly has a big spread about Grand Theft Auto Online, the upcoming online multiplayer service component for Grand Theft Auto V that is currently scheduled to launch a little later than the intial game itself. CVG has parsed the article for points of note and come up with a rather exhausting list of bullet point features; here's a taste:
  • Character progression has a "flow" but there isn't an "overarching narrative that culminates in a definitive conclusion"
  • The aim of GTA Online is to do whatever it takes to get more money in the bank and accrue assets such as cars and real estate
  • Characters appear in cutscenes when interacting with other characters in the world as they would in the single-player but doesn't speak
  • Female characters can be used in GTA Online
  • Almost all activities from the campaign are available in GTA online: "heists, missions, robberies, assaulting gang hideouts, hijacking armored vehicles, races" as well as "tennis, golf and base jumping"
  • According to Rockstar North president Leslie Benzies threre's over 500 missions. Some can be completed solo, but others are complicated and require a team.
  • GTA Online takes place after the main story, familiar faces will make appearances
    By currying favour of characters you can be introduced to more people and delve deeper into the criminal world
  • Franklin's friend Lamar may introduce you to a car dealer named Simeon Yetarian, who wants you to steal cars for him
  • Biker gangs my support you during missions if you're friendly with them
  • A tech-savvy character you've befriended may hide you on the radar during multiplayer
  • Security firms that have taken a liking to you may be used to deliver airstrikes
  • Rockstar uses a "dynamic" system to populate GTA Online, starting with your friends and crew members, then similarly skilled players in the same part of the world.
  • GTA Online has been created to be "as customisable as possible" in terms of who you play with: "there are options to let the game decide who to play with... or you can hand pick every player in the game".
The full CVG article has even more points of note.

Grand Theft Auto V is due on September 17th 2013 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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Latest Comments
Posted 10:19am 12/9/13
Can't wait, gonna fire up the PS3 next week since not using it prior for almost a year.
Posted 02:28pm 12/9/13
Rockstar have out done themselves again. Glad my tafe assignments finish on the 16th, so I don't have to worry about the next ones for weeks.
Posted 03:43pm 12/9/13
gonna fire up the PS3 next week since not using it prior for almost a year.

That sounds to me like you haven't played The Last of Us then, you should remedy that while you're waiting for GTA5
Posted 04:03pm 12/9/13
I'm gonna hold off until PC version
Posted 05:20pm 12/9/13
i dont know if i can hold for half a year for a pc version! might give in!
Posted 05:28pm 12/9/13
seems like a massive joke that the PC version has such a long wait, add to that I could almost bet that the newer console's when released will get this before the PC version, and there cant be that much work to get it to work on the PC

feel like PC users are getting cheated
Posted 06:40pm 12/9/13
f*** off with the pc vs console fishing line you just threw out, just be excited for GTA 5 numnuts.
Posted 07:31pm 12/9/13
first leaked footage!!!!

Posted 07:34pm 12/9/13
like many other people... not sure whether to pick up a console just to play this or hang ten until the pc version...

Like previous versions it will be such a long wait :(
Posted 07:38pm 12/9/13
Heh, saw that Rav. So hyped. Apparently the guy who leaked that is a Walmart employee, already got his Xbox Live banned and doubt he'll have a job now thanks to using his real name on Vine. The driving video I saw was pretty awesome, looks like they kept the realistic aspect of GTA4 but made it "grippier" in a sense.

Going by the previous announcements, expect PC to be revealed a little over a month or two after the initial launch. Heck, maybe Rockstar will surprise us and show it when GTA Online launches.
Posted 08:05pm 12/9/13
I give it at least 2 months. You need to give it time for people to buy it on console and like it. Then buy the DLC, then wish it was 60 fps. Then BAM! PC version comes out, all the built up want for 60 FPS will overflow into people buying the PC version, with the purchase of the must have DLC's of course.

However make sure the PC requirements are really high, so that the majority of PC owners who have medium->low PC specs wish they could play it at 60FPS. Then release GTA5 GOTY Enhanced Edition (it will be about the right timing) for next gen consoles.

Ohhhh I could be a diabolical genius if I had an army of flying Monkey's...
Posted 07:55am 13/9/13
Call me blind but has there been any word on GTAV for next gen?

Prefer to wait until the possiblity of it being on PS4
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