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Post by Eorl @ 11:44am 10/09/13 | 2 Comments
AMD has revealed that their Australia distribution will be cutting prices on a number of high end Radeon HD graphics cards in Australia, including the HD 7990, HD 7970 and HD 7950. AMD are also adding in additional benefits for grabbing one of their cards, with Saints Row 4 also on offer for free to any purchases.

According to Games.On.Net, the "new recommended retail price for the HD 7990 is now $949, while the HD 7970 GHz Edition drops to $479 and the HD7970 to $419. The HD 7950 has a new RRP of $319."

For those picking up any of the above cards, you'll now find Saints Row 4 bundled as part of the 'Never Settle' program, which offers various free games from AMD. Conveniently, a new feature is also being introduced into the program that will allow you to "sit" on your free game code without having to use it straight away, instead letting you use the code anytime before 31st December to gain whichever free game you want.

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Posted 12:41pm 10/9/13
For a second, I was all "YAY!" but then I thought "But I could get a 770 for a tiny bit more and get 10+ fps"
Posted 04:43pm 10/9/13
Ewww AMD
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