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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 01:11pm 09/09/13 | 10 Comments
There's a lot of hubbub around Wargaming's ultra-successful World of Tanks. With 65 million plus subscribers worldwide, there's no doubt the game is on a winning formula, but Wargaming has more than just tanks up its sleeve with World of Warplanes about to take-off out of beta and into a full release, as well as World of Warships currently enjoying closed alpha.

The former is what brings us here today though, as just ahead of the months-end release for Warplanes, Nathan "NachosJustice" Lawrence has not only been racking up hours in the cockpit, he also attended a Wargaming event in Minsk recent where he had a chance to speak with Warplanes' senior producer Sergei Ilushin.

Click here for his World of Warplanes hands-on and interview feature.

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Posted 02:34pm 09/9/13
This preview is full of falsehoods and was obviously written by someone who hasn't spent time in the game.
Posted 02:41pm 09/9/13
sounds very much like a fancier war thunder
Posted 03:00pm 09/9/13

Players should fight against the enemy’s aircraft, not against their own.”

However this was an essential part of WWI/II era dog fighting, being able to keep control of your aircraft whilst out manuring the enemy, in a way it takes away a chunk of the ability to force errors on your opponent.

Also World of Tanks felt like a massive grind, the last time I played World of Warplanes it still felt like a grind. I want to play a game and enjoy it, not feel like I have to play another 20 hours just to unlock the potential plane that I like..
Posted 05:48pm 09/9/13
This game is not even CLOSE to the same level as War Thunder.

Seriously, don't bother if you're looking for a game about arcade dogfighting. It runs poorly, has s***** planes and controls terribly (input lag due to latency anyone?).

If you ARE looking for an arcade dogfighting game in WW2, War Thunder > WoWP in pretty much every possible way.

And yes, I have actually played WoWP.
Posted 10:03pm 09/9/13
I read your comments on Steve's Victor interview, HurricaneJim, and was looking forward to hearing your thoughts on my preview. As it stands, you have yet to provide those. Can you expand upon these supposed "falsehoods"?

Agreed on the historical context of plane control, Tollaz0r!, but Wargaming is clearly going for an arcade feel. For the record, I'm a fan of Crimson Skies, because that sort of arcade flight stuff is fun. That being said, I love the satisfaction of coming out on top in a dogfight in a realistic WWII flight sim (not that I've played one in years). World of Warplanes is not that kind of game.

I really want to take War Thunder for a spin, WirlWind. I've had it recommended to me by several people. I had the same input latency from World of Warplanes, but I put that down to the 400-600 ping gameplay I was getting. When I played it in Minsk with 40 ping, it handled like a dream.
Posted 06:34am 10/9/13
war thunder enough said
Posted 07:00am 10/9/13
I tried WOWP once, the imput lag was bad and there was no point in playing if its like that. If you are in Euroland you would be fine or the US if they have servers. Playing WoT from here on the US servers works alright though, why, my guess is that it does not have to handle flying in 3D space like WOWP does.

I am currently taking a break from WOT and playing War Thunder more.
Posted 07:14am 10/9/13

WT Full Real Battles is where it's at.
How does WoWP even compare to some energy fighting:

The first kill is not exactly my best display of marksmanship.
Great thing about FRB is doesn't take much to knock about control surfaces enough to force a crash on subsequent passes or render them combat ineffective or even just shoot them down outright.
Any hit is a good hit in FRB :)

My headtracking made with $1.50 worth of parts and some time soldering

Posted 07:55am 10/9/13
.I really want to take War Thunder for a spin, WirlWind. I've had it recommended to me by several people. I had the same input latency from World of Warplanes, but I put that down to the 400-600 ping gameplay I was getting. When I played it in Minsk with 40 ping, it handled like a dream.

I would REALLY suggest you try War Thunder if arcade plane DM or flight sims make you tingle in your pants at all.

It looks better, plays better, plays smoother (even with 250+ latency it feels like you're playing singleplayer, that's how smooth it plays), has a far better selection of planes, has a far better damage system (no HP, it's all about shooting out engines / pilots / etc).

Plus there are 3 different levels of match you can play (Arcade, which is arcade. Historic Battles are more realistic and have larger maps + limited ammo and Full Real battles where if you don't know what you're doing, you'll end up in a flat spin and crash.)

The only really big downside to WT is the economy. It can become a grind to get some of the higher tier planes, but the upside is that it's actually really fun to play so it doesn't feel like a grind. And the low tier planes work as well as the high tier planes, really. (I've shot down a T14 plane in a T1 bi-plane before).

There are also single-player missions and training missions you can do if you're not feeling like you want to play online right away.
Posted 09:21am 10/9/13
Sounds ace, WirlWind. I believe I have it installed on my desktop, so I'll have to check it when I'm back home. Shoot me down if you see me online!
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