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Post by Dan @ 11:00am 09/09/13 | 7 Comments
Can you feel it? A new Grand Theft Auto game is almost here, and Rockstar Games continue to release more new little bits and pieces to keep us reminded. The most recent updates to the game's official website brought along a new batch of eight screenshots, and one piece of game art. Hit the thumbs below for the full gallery.

The official site also includes a variety of amusing little tastes of Los Santos, including some short videos of the humorous in-game advertisements the series has been known for. Youtube channel GamesHQMedia has compiled all of these together into a single clip, which you can watch embedded below.

Grand Theft Auto hits the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on September 17th 2013.

grand theft auto vgrand theft auto 5gta vgta 5trailerrockstar gamesscreenshots

Latest Comments
Posted 11:47am 09/9/13
they forgot to remove the xyz arrows in the beach image.
Posted 12:04pm 09/9/13
Explanation: Totally meant to be there - the guy that lives in that beach house likes abstract art pieces and it's an 3d XYZ sculpture.
Posted 12:32pm 09/9/13
It's always good to know exactly which way Z is.

I am very much looking forward to this game. By crazy random happenstance I shall also be on holiday about 5 days after it lands, perfect timing I think.
Posted 05:46pm 09/9/13
Neat Toll, timing works perfect. I pre ordered it for PS3 because I don't want the internet (ie Reddit) to ruin it.
Posted 06:00pm 09/9/13
So where is the best place to buy it from, ozgameshop has the 360 version for $64.99, that is the NTSC-J and warns about the possibility of needing an Asian xbox live account for DLC, I'd rather not have that potential hassle.

So anywhere else that beats that?
Posted 07:06am 10/9/13
I should have just checked my local BigW and see if they are getting any in. I have ordered from JB Hi-Fi online, $91.50 with postage. It ships from Melbourne on the 16th and I hope gets here on the 18th.
Tanaka Khan
Posted 11:17am 10/9/13
Friend of mine works in the despatching warehouse for EB Games Brisbane. She texted me this morning telling me the shipments of GTAV arrived today and had their own security keeping an eye on the delivery.
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