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Post by Eorl @ 01:59pm 06/09/13 | 6 Comments
The Battlefield series has been one of constant fear for those unable to pilot one of the many heavy chunks of metal known as a plane or helicopter. This fear stems from wondering whether you'll successfully take off and enjoy taking down enemy aircraft, or whether things will turn sour and suddenly you are nose diving into the ground amidst hatred from your teammates.

Luckily, DICE believes they may have an answer for those living in fear: a virtual test range. Speaking with IGN (via Games.On.Net) on a number of community questions, DICE's Lars Gustavsson revealed that players can expect the test range to allow you to "try out all the hardware ahead of time so that if you want to learn to fly a helicopter you can get in there and you can find the settings that work best for you."

If after finding the right settings and you feel adjusted to the task at hand, players can also participate in stunt flights to ensure they are 100% safe with operating the heavy machinery before heading out to the battlefield. Gustavsson hopes that "this will help people feel more safe about trying out the whole battlefield."

battlefield 4dicevehicle training
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Latest Comments
Posted 02:30pm 06/9/13
Oh so like being able to run your dedicated server?
Posted 02:35pm 06/9/13
It would be nice if BF Jets had more respectable flight models.
Being good in Battlefield jet gameplay was all about who could brake and afterburn at the most appropriate time with stick-in-stomach disease.
Your actual turns meant very little since there was no such thing as energy management.
Posted 04:22pm 06/9/13
Holy s*** a testing field, revolutionary. Must buy. OH wait, Planetside 2 has that, and its free, and a lot bigger then 64 players. Well I won't be bothering.
Posted 09:05pm 06/9/13
The problem with jets and helis in BF3 is that when people become good, they are f*****g unstoppable.

I know the whole, 'skill crap' however the level of balance someone who is very good in them is so much higher than the game is balanced for. It simply didn't take into account some people would get so good and essentially be unstoppable rape machines unless someone else is freakishly good.
Posted 08:23pm 07/9/13
It would be nice to see that flares were not unlimited/timer, and they had to resupply the flares at home base.
Posted 08:45pm 07/9/13
Thats a nice addition, Would be cool to stuff around and get the hang of the vehicles. A*******s will probably complain anyway.

Would be good to see limited ammo with rockets and missiles on choppers and gets, same with flares like Fats says. It wont happen because its not streamlined enough for the console crowd.
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