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Post by Eorl @ 11:51am 05/09/13 | 4 Comments
While the game may have just launched earlier this week, developer of Total War: Rome 2 is not stopping the updates with the first schedule for this Friday.

Creative Assembly revealed the notice through their official Facebook, stating that the update will serve as the first of many changes to come, noting that their intention is to update the game on a weekly basis in the immediate future.
At Creative Assembly we are very pleased with the response to ROME II, with hundreds of thousands of players enjoying the game so far; but we do know that, as with all large PC releases, the variety of hardware and general system specifications can cause issues for some people and we are urgently working to help get them the right experience.

As announced last month, we are also planning to tweak the balancing, AI routines and other features now that we’re getting real-time metric feedback from thousands of players.
Full patch notes on Friday's update will be made available soon, but the update will address "known instances of crashes due to hardware conflicts alongside several other performance fixes." Creative also encouraged those experiencing graphical issues including low resolution textures to seek out support on their official forums, which contains suggestions for tweaking in-game options to get the best out of your system.

If you may have been too busy fending off your precious empires, you can find our review on what we though of Total War: Rome 2 over here.

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Latest Comments
Posted 01:54pm 05/9/13
As someone who is new to this type of game, I find it odd. I am not sure if things are bugs or features.

Capua is being sieged. I can click my army to attack. Then nothing happens. I can't do anything. The turn ends, the city falls and my campaign is over. There is literally nothing I can do if I can't even attack.
Posted 04:32pm 05/9/13
Strat map or battle map? Attacking army in a stance that does not allow attacking? like forced march or fortify?
Posted 03:12am 06/9/13
so far, played 2 hours, crashed twice, weekly update definitely needed!
Posted 09:17am 06/9/13
I only froze once, it was when I was at my main city in the generals menu, i clicked on one and tried to move him out of the town. The game froze then.

Some performance issues but mostly runs alright. I also prefer the old style of management of towns and things.
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