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Post by Dan @ 07:40am 05/09/13 | 5 Comments
Following the news late last night that the Xbox One's official launch date would be November 22 2013, Xbox Australia has reiterated that our country is indeed one of the 13 launch markets, and has extended Australian pre-order customers the FIFA 14 deal recently offered to Europeans.
The FIFA 14 bundle offer will be available to all those Australians who have pre-ordered an Xbox One Day One edition console as well as any further pre-orders of the Xbox One console, while stocks last.

Pre-orders for the Xbox One are unprecedented, with the Xbox One Day One Edition Console already sold out in Australia. Fans who pre-order an Xbox One now will benefit from the value of the Xbox One FIFA 14 Pre-Order Bundle, which will include a digital version of the blockbuster title. [i]

Jeremy Hinton, Interactive Entertainment Business Lead, Microsoft Australia said:

“Today is an exciting day for Xbox in Australia with the confirmation of our launch date of November 22, so we’ll be one of the first countries in the world to launch Xbox One. Xbox is the best place to play games and we are delighted by the pre-orders of Xbox One. Australians love their sport and their sports games and our Xbox One FIFA 14 bundle in particular is our gift to those Xbox fans who pre-order early. Also, to make sure people who pre-ordered the Day One Edition Console don’t lose out, we’ll be making sure they all receive a copy of FIFA 14 too.”
EA Sports' FIFA 14 is due on September 26th 2013 for pretty much every current platform (including the PlayStation 2), and will be a launch title on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Update: Videogamer has noticed that several UK retailers (including Amazon UK) are now offering another bundle similar to the free FIFA 14 offer, but with a free download coupon for the hotly anticipated racing sim title Forza Motorsport 5 packed in instead. However, we've yet to find any indication that the Forza offer will be extended to Australians.

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Latest Comments
Posted 08:53am 05/9/13
I'm a bit of a football nut, so this is very tempting. Even though the PS4 has slightly superior hardware, the Xbone's software lineup is better (imo) with Forza 5, Dead Rising 3, Titanfall etc coming out for it
Posted 09:20am 05/9/13
^ football nut as well except I'm making the jump to PES on PC this year. I never gave PES a go but played the 2013 demo and loved it. The mod community is absolutely amazing as well.
Posted 05:00pm 08/9/13
Hey Topper, the Xbox received a CPU boost on top of it's GPU upgrade the other day. I think it rivals the PS4 if not tops it now.
Posted 08:52pm 08/9/13
Damn I was going to import one from states but now I'm tempted to pre order an aussie one cause I was going to buy fifa 14 anyway. My wife is a fifa fan too so it's on the to get list.

Any idea if the US is getting a free game with a preorder and if so what?
Posted 10:00pm 08/9/13
No clues have been given, though it would most likely be Madden with how nuts they go for that.
Posted 02:34am 09/9/13
i normally only buy FIFA every 2nd year. and i bought it last year. but i guess i'll order an xbox one and pick this up aswell.
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