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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 04:39pm 03/09/13 | 11 Comments
Map-wide changes (read: dynamic maps), player numbers, next-gen versus PC, Frostbite's EA catalogue conquest, new modes, second screen gaming... the list goes on, and Joab "Joaby" Gilroy is responsible for asking DICE's Lars Gustavsson all of it.

Out at this year's Gamescom he was given a chance to sit down with the Battlefield 4 creative director to run him through his paces, as both a journalist on the ground for us, but also as a long-time Battlefield fan and player, and als just a general gun at most multiplayer shooters. The end result is a great read overall, and one with a few excellent insights into DICE's philosophy with BF4 and the series moving forward.

Click here for our Lars Gustavsson Battlefield 4 interview.

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Latest Comments
Posted 06:09pm 03/9/13
So normal rush is still in i'm assuming?
Posted 06:21pm 03/9/13
Why is it that everyone who interviews this guy always forgets to ask the most important question.
"Has the netcode been fixed?"
Posted 07:39pm 03/9/13
He mentioned battle ships, does this mean they're bringing back ships like in 1942? My fondest memories from 1942 was destroying the American spawn point that was the aircraft carrier on wake, or going to spawn, and finding out that some hilarious jackass had moved the ship to the other side of the map... ah, good times.
Posted 10:01pm 03/9/13
Nah Lewk, the battleships aren't back the way they were in 1942. In Paracel Storm, the map they let us play at GC, the ship auto crashes into the island - though I never got a clear answer on what the triggers were for that to happen. When it does crash, it changes the landscape of the map pretty significantly and can be used to essentially shutdown all Air combat.

But you don't get to drive the boat yourself. If you did, I presume it would be like it always was in 1942 - aircraft carrier ramming wars.
Posted 10:20pm 03/9/13
Why is it that everyone who interviews this guy always forgets to ask the most important question."Has the netcode been fixed?"

This! Also I want to know if they're adding in a proper VoIP this time around. Battlelog was a pain in the ass...
Posted 10:38pm 03/9/13
"We've been working really hard to ensure that 'levolution' doesn't change the experience too much to the point that it might be perceived as irritating"

This is my major concern with it. I wish each map didn't just have one big event. Sure some can. I just wish there was more big stuff. I can see people getting preoccupied.

The main issue with destruction in BF3 compared to BC2 was that it didn't do enough. Enough in the hands of the player. That kind of fully realised world, where you could go in around or on top of every building, which was destructable was awesome for dynamic game play.

A map which floods half way though, or a ship crashing into an island. I don't know.

Something like the building collapsing. How about a big city map where that can happen to any building. Imagine Karkand if buildings could be collapsed. Use physics so if you blow out the left side, it dictates where it falls and what road it blocks. That's what I want!
Posted 10:41pm 03/9/13
the ship auto crashes into the island - though I never got a clear answer on what the triggers were for that to happen

i've seen a few gameplay vids of that. the ship is initially stuck to a wind turbine out in the ocean but if you destroy the turbine it releases the ship which then crashes into the island.

it looks like the map events require player input for them to happen. i read there's a map with a dam that you can destroy to flood the area, opening it up for boats etc.
Posted 08:57am 04/9/13
you have to kill the turbine, but I'm pretty sure the storm needs to have already started as well. There was one other thing someone said was required, but I can't recall what it was.
Posted 11:04am 05/9/13
With Rush, they better f*****g have Rush done properly again. I hated how it was crammed into BF3 maps. Unlike BC2 where the CQ section was just one part of the rush map.
Posted 01:40pm 05/9/13
supposedly VOIP has a proper PC implemention (ala BFBC2?) according to forums, etc.
Posted 02:43pm 10/9/13
saw in an interview with another dev that they had reworked quite a lot of the netcode to make it feel 'snappier' where ever they could but the dev was also quick to point out that its never going to be 100% perfect-simply because of teh amount of stuff that is happening at any one point in time.

when in game, go to the options and fiddle with the network buffer slider so that the game doesnt have to guestimate whats happening on screen and the game should be much more playable
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