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Post by Dan @ 11:02pm 02/09/13 | 38 Comments
As we near the end of another console generation, it's a great time to be a PC gamer. This week sees the launch of another new title from a studio that has always treated the desktop platform right, with Total War: Rome II from strategy veterans at The Creative Assembly touching down on September 3rd 2013.

Rome II is the eighth game in SEGA's long running franchise, and the sequel to 2004's take on strategic combat in the ancient Roman Empire, already famed for its epic battles, and now dialling that up further with some 173 regions and 117 factions, and already the promise of a post-launch content schedule.

Fortunately, all that quantity does not appear to have come at the expense of quality, as you can find out in AusGamers' Total War: Rome II review.

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Latest Comments
Posted 11:46pm 02/9/13
Hehe, cum
Posted 07:08am 03/9/13
^ damnit beaten
Posted 07:21am 03/9/13
Man I cannot wait to get this. Alas, I am going to wait till the end of semester to pick it up. Rome 1 was my favourite Total War game so far.
Posted 07:31am 03/9/13
Only 10ish hours to go for the unlock on Steam, the hype is killing me!
Posted 09:03am 03/9/13
pre-loaded and ready to cum
Posted 09:33am 03/9/13
cheapest price?
Posted 10:57am 03/9/13
Both GMG and OzGameShop have it for $47 with the pre-order DLC, though no coupon available for GMG.

I fear that my GTX570 won't be able to handle this, but I don't want to upgrade until I know whether the next-gen consoles having AMD will change anything in the PC landscape. Woe me.
Posted 01:05pm 03/9/13
Well AMD don't have anything like PhysX so I doubt you'd be missing much going for Nvidia again. I know I wont go back to AMD after going for Nvidia.
Posted 01:32pm 03/9/13
Aww yiss!

Might have to duck out early this arvo. What time AEST does it unlock? Guessing around 5:30 or 6 from your post, Eorl?

Edit: 5pm apparently

Posted 01:37pm 03/9/13
According to this NeoGAF post, 5PM AEST is the unlock time. Not sure if it will be on the dot or not.
Well AMD don't have anything like PhysX so I doubt you'd be missing much going for Nvidia again. I know I wont go back to AMD after going for Nvidia.
Yeah I don't expect a huge leap over Nvidia just because the consoles are using AMD, but I would still like to know there will be any change at all. I was leaning at either a Sapphire ATI HD 7970 OC EDITION @ 3GB or a Gigabyte GTX 770 OC EDITION @ 4GB. Apparently AMD's Hawaii GPU's may be seeing a release in October though so might hold off just a little bit more and see if prices drop.
Posted 01:55pm 03/9/13
I got my copy from GMG. I pre-loaded it on steam, only 9.9gb download. I should have gotten it a few weeks back when a coupon worked for Rome 2, I could have got it for $39 or so. I am not fussed on Roman stuff but the new tech and stuff they put in looks good. I also fear my GTX 570 will be taxed heavily for this game, Eorl.
Posted 02:56pm 03/9/13
9.9gb wow, considering the last few total wars have been 20-25gb DL IIRC.
Posted 02:56pm 03/9/13
Eorl, what do you mean there's no GMG DLC coupon? Are you talking about the steam code? If so, then there actually is a DLC code.

When you buy the game through GMG's checkout, go back into your account, click games and click Total War Rome II. Near the "Download" button, there's two codes. One is for the game and the other is for the DLC.

Source: I did this last night.
Posted 03:10pm 03/9/13
Also Eorl, regarding your graphics card question(s).

Comparing the 770 to the 7970 results in a small gain in favour of the 770, at least on paper. Some games are optimised for Nvidia and some for Ati as you probably know. http://www.hwcompare.com/14643/geforce-gtx-770-vs-radeon-hd-7970/

The 770 is a bit pricey and IMO not worth the gains over the 7970 but also, I don't think the 7970 is really worth it over the 570, providing that you're happy enough to wait a couple more months.

If you're upgrading, get the best you can afford and if that means saving some pennies for a 780 or SLI 770's etc.. I say do that!

Having come from ATI and back on the green machine, I'm loving it. The PhysX is a really nice touch in games that support it.
Posted 03:20pm 03/9/13
9.9gb wow, considering the last few total wars have been 20-25gb DL IIRC.

On the Steam page it says 35GB recommended so maybe they are wizards at compressing?
Eorl, what do you mean there's no GMG DLC coupon?
Sorry, GMG discount coupon. And yeah, I might just save up for either two 770's or see what Nvidia/ATI has coming out in the near future. It all really depends on how well Rome 2, Watch Dogs, AC4, Batman and GTA 5 (if ever) go on the GTX 570 for me to consider upgrading right now or waiting for the future cards.
Posted 04:48pm 03/9/13
Posted 04:53pm 03/9/13
Restart steam and it will start unpacking, woo.
Posted 04:55pm 03/9/13
So close! Going to jump in and play me some Sparta to begin with.
Posted 05:39pm 03/9/13
My steam is installing/downloading whats left to do. today is also cheap tuesday......time for fat arse cheap pizza tonight.
Posted 11:21pm 03/9/13
Some screens I have taken.

Posted 09:15am 04/9/13
so how's the game guys?
Posted 09:57am 04/9/13
Seems pretty awesome so far, though I only played for a couple of hours last night.

Bit of a departure from previous games in terms of army/fleet/city management and the new provincial system is pretty cool. Bit of a learning curve even for avid players of past games.

I'll reserve my judgement until I've played it a bit more extensively but so far it seems pretty damn good.
Posted 10:08am 04/9/13
Yeah its way more advanced than I initially thought, a lot more management needed to keep everyone happy. I'm loving the prologue, still in it because I got distracted last night with ABC and some cleaning.

Only problems I've ran into personally are the frame rate seems to be a bit sketchy and some of the AI is a bit borked where I'll tell them to go fight and they run up to the selected enemy and fight them, but then won't go and fight anyone else nearby.

I've had a few friends crash at the prologue but other than that it all seems good. AI turns don't seem to take long as some reviews pointed out, but maybe I'm just lucky?
Posted 10:26am 04/9/13
I've had a few friends crash at the prologue but other than that it all seems good. AI turns don't seem to take long as some reviews pointed out, but maybe I'm just lucky?

you're lucky. mine takes about 1 minute between turns.
Posted 11:33am 04/9/13
Whats peoples thoughts on the progression of the TW series?

I never played shogun 1 but played all others.

There have been some good improvements throughout the series such as troop recruitment and filling lost men through a general, no more masses of spies/religious etc units to deal with, technology trees, bonus units when defending a city.

But then i also think the series has become a little more streamlined. I didnt play much of shogun 2 as i wasnt a big fan but thought the 4 unit types (sword, spear, archer, calvary) was too simple. While good for rock-paper-scissors approach i thought it pretty much made all the factions the same. Obviously they were all from japan so maybe this was the issue where as i really enjoyed the differences between factions in Medieval and Rome. Fighting the greeks with their spear units was very different to the factions with chariots or elephants. Also thought Empire pretty much boiled down to building masses of firearm troops and had very little difference in units between factions.

I dont have Rome 2 so cant comment on that.
Posted 11:48am 04/9/13
Yeah I agree davo, it's really indicative of the time period and technology used in every series. If anything there was way less variety IRL when it came to japan and empire.

Nothing has come close to how great rome was so I'm really exited for II
Posted 01:21pm 04/9/13
If anything there was way less variety IRL when it came to japan and empire.

Yeah i figured that.

A guy at work loves his total war mods and mentioned Darth Maul i think. Never checked them out as i havent had much to do with mods since the old UT and Q3 days. Only mod ive tried recently is that Blood and Steel for M&B Warband and its pretty awesome.
Posted 01:38pm 04/9/13
I went straight to a new campaign, I am playing as the brits. I am not liking the new way generals the menus/towns work. I like the previous style better.
Posted 02:03pm 04/9/13
I am not liking the new way generals the menus/towns work.

How have they changed?
Nerf Stormborn
Posted 03:40pm 04/9/13
Trying to avoid all games for a few months.

Posted 04:20pm 04/9/13
So is anyone playing as the guido faction?
Posted 08:40am 05/9/13
played a bit of it last night enjoyed it!
Tanaka Khan
Posted 10:34am 05/9/13
Got it last night. Love how the ships work, landing forces along the coast. I've had a couple of crashes so far in the Prologue, right when I lay siege to the last city. I'll try attacking from a different direction so hopefully it may work then.

There are already people on the steam forums b****ing about it and wanting refunds saying the game is incomplete...WTF?
I know a lot of games may have bugs on release, but TW: Rome 2 looks and feels great.
Posted 11:01am 05/9/13
I have never played one of these games before.

It's definitely a game that needs better tutorials and a manual. I should if there is one somewhere.

I have found it a little bit buggy. I was attacking a city with my fleet and it took forever for some of them to land. I literally ordered them to land a dozen times before they did. Things like that.
Posted 02:12am 08/9/13
I have owned all the Total War games and enjoyed them all to varying degrees - lots of great memories.
This game has been released too early.
Check out the Guardian review - they seem to have played it and seen clearly.

It has lots and lots of problems - bugs if you like - but serious problems.
The scripting in the prologue just constantly fails making the game unplayable.
Just as an example, sieges become a joke with scaling ladders dancing against walls disabling associated units.
City gates swing back and forth endlessly so you can't destroy them or walk through them.
You can't even get to the enemy to initiate battle.

It fails at the strategic level, at the operational level, at the tactical level and in lots of small details.

If you do buy the game SAVE VERY OFTEN.

No doubt, in time it will be fixed and be quite playable.
I will keep my copy and wait for another great Total War game
when it IS DONE !
Posted 02:13pm 08/9/13
I haven't encountered too many issues so far, Only that I don't find the game enjoyable as Empire or Napoleon. It would be better with out the streamlining.

Some things I liked:
Solders can disembark from boats in a battle.
Things for generals.
Warmaidens/Dignitarys and such. They can provide useful bonuses.

If CA made Empire 2 with the things I liked and kept streamlining to a minimum, I would be happy as a pig in s***.
Posted 04:41pm 08/9/13
Lol, this yeti kid is mad. Raging like a scrub.
Posted 05:30pm 08/9/13
The only bugs I've come across so far is in the prologue when I did a trade agreement it didn't work, and I had to redo it. No crashes or any other issues.

Game's pretty laggy though :(
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