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Post by Dan @ 12:13pm 02/09/13 | 8 Comments
Continuing to blaze its trail as the most successful crowdfunding venture of all, Cloud Imperium Games' ambitious space sim Star Citizen has now reportedly passed the US$17,000,000 mark, less than a week after passing $16M
We still have a ways to go before we have achieved the goal of being completely community funded but based on our current trajectory we’re going to make it – maybe even by the end of this year! Which will be another amazing milestone that will have been set by this community. The enthusiasm and support the development team and I have felt is amazing and makes us even more determined to make the best damn space sim ever! (BDSSE!)

The $17 million mark unlocks a special ship upgrade pack for every pledger who has donated prior to this point. An engine modifier will be added to your account shortly and in the near future you should be able to see it in your hangar! You also unlocked an additional flyable ship class in the finished game: the massive battlecruiser!
A new stretch goal has been outlined at $19M that will introduce a PDF ship fighting manual, and pledges to add player-operable space stations to the game's Universe.

The first taste of the crowdfunded game went live to backers last week, allowing players to wander around their virtual spacecraft hangar and get a first-person look at the game's CryEngine 3-powered visuals.

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Latest Comments
Posted 02:07pm 02/9/13
Wait what? I can walk around a hanger, sweet :D

at 17,000,000USD I would have thought they well and truly had enough money, yet thy still feel they need more? What are the spending it on (besides hookers and coke)?
Posted 02:28pm 02/9/13
Get your ship today! Medium size ships starting at a low low low $225USD!!!

This is how they are getting so much money, they are actually getting people to pay this sort of money for ships. More power to em' I guess, some people are suckers.

Oh, they've added another package... because a $2700USD package was just not enough! Now you can lay down $5000USD and become a space marshal!!
Nerf Stormborn
Posted 03:01pm 02/9/13
I sometimes wonder (naively) if that might become the norm with an economically stratified population like the US. Reeling in one wealthy person (maybe one of their kids) who can casually spend hundreds or thousands seems more valuable than trying to reel in a dozen or their non-wealthy peers who can't easily commit to spending nearly anything, but the latter might be needed to give the product a sense of popularity (in the way that piracy by those couldn't afford it anyway might just serve as advertising for a product which is priced higher than the sellers expect to be realistically affordable for most, because they don't intend for the pirates to ever be the consumers, just the cashed up).
Posted 03:08pm 02/9/13
at 17,000,000USD I would have thought they well and truly had enough money, yet thy still feel they need more? What are the spending it on (besides hookers and coke)?

They are creating a sandbox universe that sounds like its going to be larger than eve with far more content.

The people who dig space sims like this are generally pretty smart people, in decent paying jobs with bunches of excess cash. (the amount of incredibly intelligent people i meet in eve use to blow my mind, there are some serious smarts in that world)

From what i've read the game sounds amazing and the guys creating it have a big point to prove and they are doing it.

I doubt they are going to have everything released on time, however i dare say due to there transparency with money and costs the fans will be happy to wait for it to all be rolled out in waves.
Posted 03:10pm 02/9/13
This will be an incredible game for the Rift.
Posted 03:53pm 02/9/13
I can't wait for the dogfighting module in sad that the game is still nearly 2 years away :(
Posted 05:00pm 02/9/13
I've got my little Aurora and I do intend to fly that puppy Rift-Stylz.
Posted 07:31pm 02/9/13
The only reason I haven't backed this yet is because it looks like it would suck up more time than I have to give. I'm reaching the stage in my life where I have 2 or 3 free hours per day, and I can spend that playing a game or with my wife/pets. I feel like this game would only be worth it if you can dedicate over 10 hours a week. That's just the impression I get.
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