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Independent studio Spry Fox, developers of mobile and PC games such as Steambirds, Triple Town, and Realm of the Mad God, has revealed their next title — an original puzzle game called Road Not Taken- for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.
Road Not Taken is a game about life’s surprises, both positive and negative. In our take on Robert Frost’s poem of the same name, you wander through a mysterious forest in the aftermath of a large snowstorm. As you explore, you’ll come across wild animals, impassable barriers, and lost children. Road Not Taken explores the question: “What happens when life’s events throw you off the path you expected to take?” It’s been a lot of fun for us to try and stretch the ideas that games can tackle!
Taking to the PlayStation Blog, Spry Fox CEO David Edery unveiled more information on just what you can expect from the puzzle roguelike title, including the ability to play dozens of hours but always gain a new experience each time, unexpected surprises and also lots of dying.

According to Edery, death in Road Note Taken isn't that bad, "because each death teaches you something new about how the world works and how you might do better next time. The world unfolds and becomes more complex over time, as well; you’ll progressively unlock new things to encounter, and boosts that change the way you play the game."

If all this sounds like your kind of road to take, then check out the debut trailer below which gives a glimpse at some of the gameplay you can expect from this quite unique title.

Road Note Taken is expected to launch sometime during 2014.

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