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Post by Eorl @ 02:32pm 30/08/13 | 5 Comments
Originally revealed as a Wii U exclusive and later adopting various other platforms, Ubisoft's Rayman Legends sets out to one-up what was offered in Rayman Origins, continuing with the unique and beautiful art style rarely seen in today's 2D platformers. Legends offers a number of new challenges and various new puzzles to navigate your way through, but also throws in an extra 40 of the original Origins levels to boot.

To help better understand just what Legends has to offer for platforming enthusiasts is our own Jickle, who believes that this may just be the "best non-Nintendo 2D platformer" he has ever played.
It combines the simple elegance, bountiful content and colourful enjoyment of so many indie works with the production values and design genius of the generation’s best Triple-A titles into a game that feels fresh and contemporary, but also mindful of what has come, and worked, before. It’s a joyous marvel of game design, and one of the very, very few straight-up 2D platformers out there with a solid claim to Mario’s crown.
Check out his full review over here.

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Latest Comments
The GuVna
Posted 03:55pm 30/8/13
You know the game has great art style when you cant tell if the following is a screenshot or concept design :)

Posted 03:55pm 30/8/13
Picking this and Wonderful 101 up this weekend. Can't wait. Origins was amazing.
Posted 04:05pm 31/8/13
I shall be playing this in nVidia 3d surround. I'm hearing the 3d works a treat like Trine 1 & 2.
Posted 07:33am 01/9/13
I'm glad I decided to buy this game for myself on a whim yesterday when I was looking for a present for someone else.
Posted 08:29am 02/9/13
+1 glynd

Origins was so much fun and just so beautiful. This is going to be awesome!
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