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Post by Dan @ 05:22pm 28/08/13 | 3 Comments
After a long battle against faceless opponents, Volition's Saints Row IV is finally due on Australian shelves on September 19th 2013. Originally planned as an expansion to open-world action smash Saints Row: The Third, the game's original publisher THQ decided there was enough meat for a whole new standalone product, and then it went bankrupt.

When THQ's properties went under the auction hammer, European publisher Deep Silver picked up the work-in-progress Saints Row IV, and kept the home fires burning at Illinois-based developer Volition. Then the Australian classification board decreed that the game's content surpassed our country's new R rating, and Aussie gamers would end up having to wait that little bit longer.

But Saints Row IV is still on its way to Australia, for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, and for those that haven't already obtained an import copy, you can now find out whether the wait has been worth it, in AusGamers' in-depth review.

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Posted 05:53pm 28/8/13
Finished this last night on the PC. I had the graphics settings to ultra so it didn't look like complete ass but it certainly did seem a little dated, I think they really wanted to push this out before the new consoles landed which would have made it look even worse by comparison.

It felt like the best expansion ever or a pretty lazy attempt at a new game in that regard, not only are the graphics fairly much the same the car models, pedestrians and outfits are the same old same old with only a few added extras. I can't complain too much though since I still had a blast and I'm pretty sure my PC would actually fall over if the graphics were any better with all the super-powered carnage on the screen.

I loved the Mass Effect romance parodies, especially the one with Ben King. Some more singing in the car action and just the general character banter really completes the fun of a Saints Row game.

I played the uncut version as well and since I'm an impressionable adult I now do drugs so I guess there are some draw backs to importing.
Posted 08:27pm 28/8/13
Posted 05:53pm 28/8/13
I played the uncut version as well and since I'm an impressionable adult I now do drugs so I guess there are some draw backs to importing.

Your in a lot of trouble now me laddy! The Australian thought police will be coming around your house to get you shortly, so sit tight.
Thanks for the review Aus Gamer. I think I'll wait until the game is on sale now.
Posted 08:29pm 28/8/13
I was hoping the textures for the people/clothes would have been better then SR 4 but then is it multiplatform and has to work on the lowest common denominator (s*** PCs and consoles.)
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