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Post by Dan @ 10:38am 27/08/13 | 4 Comments
Popular crowdfunding portal Kickstarter has revealed plans to directly support Australian and New Zealand projects "soon" (thanks Kotaku).

Although plenty of Australian creators have launched projects on site, they've had to do so by way of foreign bank accounts, in either US dollars or UK pounds -- a limitation that didn't stop the recently successful Satellite Reign project from Brisbane developer Five Lives Studios from raising an impressive £461,333.

This new development isn't likely to spur a sudden explosion in crowdfunding for locally developed games, but it will no doubt make the process that little bit easier for Austrailan and New Zealand creators.


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Nerf Stormborn
Posted 10:48am 27/8/13
Sweet, thanks, there's a remote chance that I might be able to make use of this.
Posted 01:37pm 27/8/13
This could be cool. I always wanted to make a boardgame.
Posted 08:02pm 27/8/13
Now i will be able to build my spaceship
Posted 09:25pm 27/8/13
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