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Post by Dan @ 12:36pm 26/08/13 | 12 Comments
Precursor Games' third attempt at crowdfunding Shadow of the Eternals, pitched as a spiritual successor to Eternal Darkness has wound up, coming in well short of its US$750,000 target with $323,950 in pledges from 5,932 backers. A closing update from the team gracefully thanked those that participated, and indicated that the newly-formed studio would continue to operate:
It is unfortunate that we were unable to crowd-fund this project at this time, but we have not given up. We intend to pursue other avenues with the ultimate goal of having our games come to fruition. Please feel free to migrate over to our Community Forums at, as we will be keeping our forums open for people to enjoy and discuss everything Precursor Games.
The Shadow of the Eternals project had been heavily scrutinised due to negative press surrounding the demise of original Eternal Darkness developer Silicon Knights, and its last two poorly-received games Too Human and X-Men: Destiny. Precursor Games had opened its doors in the wake of Silicon Knights' closure, and seemed to include many of its former staff.

Crowdfunding clearly depends largely on the trust of consumers, and the murky circumstances of Precursor's founding definitely did not work in its favour.

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Posted 01:38pm 26/8/13
Heh, they couldnt even match Satellite Reign's haul.
Posted 04:57pm 26/8/13
Probs no-one knows WTF it is because it was on the gamecube...

I didn't know ANYONE with a freaking gamecube. Atleast no-one over the age of 10.
Posted 05:09pm 26/8/13
Posted 09:15pm 26/8/13
It was funny to see them drop out while we had our campaign going and then pop up again later with not much different as far as I could tell
Posted 11:23pm 26/8/13
Not much different, and half the funding target.

If everything the developers have stated publicly is truthfact, then you have to feel sorry them, but even without Denis Dyack's negative Internet notoriety, there'd still be way too much stigma surrounding the team.

You can start a crowdfunding project with neutral credibility, but (speaking purely of the publicly known entity of Precursor Games) their starting point is already in the red. A good game from 11 years ago was their plus -- and the memory of that was enough for a few dedicated backers -- but anyone that read any coverage of the company was made aware of a bunch of questionable stuff, which to any cautious backer would represent risk.

Precursor was founded a short time after Silicon Knights lost a lawsuit that ended with unprecedented losses to them, and opened with a crowdfunding project that seemed to be way too far in development to be something they could have cooked up in the interim.

The were asking $1.5M the first time, and it was going to be episode, then the next time they're promising a full game for half the price.

Just massively dodgy vibes, even without all the allegations that the Kotaku articles claimed.

Then there's the fact that the last two games that most of the team has to their credit at SK were critical failures (Too Human and X-men Destiny).

You shouldn't be able to crowdfund with that kind of public record, and so I think their failure is ultimately a good thing, as it means not just any old game developer can milk the kickstarter cow. You really do need more good to show people than bad.
Posted 07:51am 27/8/13
From what I read too, most of the assets used for the pitch were created by Silicon Knights and then purchased for a pittance by Precursor games when they were under liquidation or something.
Posted 08:02am 27/8/13
I didn't know ANYONE with a freaking gamecube. Atleast no-one over the age of 10.

I had a Gamecube, it was bloody awesome!! Especially for all the party games on it. I backed this, but honestly had expected it to fail miserably, I think there's been so much negative press about it, and as others have pointed out Eternal Darkness was never really a super popular game (as I recall). I find a lot of the time with kickstarter once you actually get over the goal, you get a s*** tonne more money, it's almost like people don't understand how the funding works and will wait for it to get the 'greenlight' before committing. Odd.
Posted 11:02am 27/8/13
I think it has less to do with the legacy of Eternal Darkness though and more to do with the terrible reputation Silicon Knights has now. I know personally I wouldn't put a cent towards any project that Dennis Dyack is within spitting distance of.
Posted 12:02pm 27/8/13
Agreed Khel, X-men Legends looked like an absolute clusterf*** of bad management. I would not trust these guys with my money, especially if they're looking to do it without publisher oversight.
Posted 12:20pm 27/8/13
Agreed Khel, X-men Legends looked like an absolute clusterf*** of bad management. I would not trust these guys with my money, especially if they're looking to do it without publisher oversight.
I think you mean X-Men Destiny.
Posted 12:53pm 27/8/13
I think I did
Posted 04:51pm 27/8/13
What Khel said, f*** going anywhere near anything to do with that cretin.
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