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Creative Assembly has revealed a new "Lets Play" video for upcoming RTS Total War: Rome 2, this time taking a look at how the multiplayer battles formulate in-game.
Community Team’s Trish Ryniak and Multiplayer designer Elliot Lock go head to head in this first look at Multiplayer for Total War: ROME II. With Trish playing as Parthia vs Elliott as Pontus, they battle it out in Gor in an unfortified city assault.

Elliott takes the opportunity to talk us through some new features in multiplayer and how the stunning interactive campaign map allows for thousands of battle grounds and new battle types.
Check out the playthrough below for a look at just what the multiplayer side will be like.

For those looking to pre-order ahead of the official launch on September 4th, Creative Assembly are offering the continued trend of unique Team Fortress 2 items that are sure to go up in value once the game is out. Pre-ordering on Steam will snag you the Greek Hellenic Armor for The Pyro, Egyptian Cheetah, the Barbarian Set for the Demo and now the Laurel Wreath for all the classes.

Laurel Wreath wearers will not only be treated to looking dashing, but will also unlock a special "Romebot" invasion in Team Fortress 2's Man Vs Machine mode, so prepare yourself for the invasion.

Total War: Rome 2 will be available exclusively on PC come September 4th.

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Ill probably get it. I just don't like TF2 tie-ins, Do something different for a change.
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