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Post by Dan @ 11:22am 23/08/13 | 18 Comments
DICE has posted another new detailed update on the official Battlefield Blog, outlining a feature-set they refer to as Levolution, essentially the systems that drive Battlefield 4's various dynamic environment effects.
Levolution is much bigger and broader than simply destroying something. It’s a wide-ranging concept, a collection of ideas and experiences that make Battlefield truly great. In this blog post, learn how Levolution changes the water from calm to raging storm, how visibility goes from clear skies to dark overcast, and how every move on the Battlefield creates ripple effects that make every match unique.
The blog itself is recommended reading for anyone keen for Battlefield 4, as it covers all manner of the game's dynamic environments from the large set-piece destruction like the falling skyscraper, dynamic weather effects, and flooding streets, and a wide assortment of smalller touches that can be individually exploited by players triggering destruction or light or sound to their advantage on the Battlefield.

An accompanying video shows a bunch of this stuff in action, and you can watch that one below.

Battlefield 4 is due on October 31st 2013 for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, with PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions also in the works.

battlefield 4eaelectronic artsdicetrailer
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Latest Comments
Posted 11:43am 23/8/13
Sounds like a cool concept, and I like that it's introducing much larger scale changes to BF during a map.

I'm not to keen on how it'll introduce yet more lag into a game with pretty average netcode.

I certainly won't be BF4ing at launch. I did spew many hours into BF3 and ultimately didn't (well, I certainly don't anymore) enjoy it.
Posted 11:59am 23/8/13
i will be trying to the beta before i put money on this game because i dont want to be burnt from EA again but i am looking forward to it
Posted 12:38pm 23/8/13
Sounds like a valid reason to leverage Origin's new 24 hour refund policy.
Posted 02:09pm 23/8/13
Pretty keen to give it a go. Anyone who put hours into BF3 MP is going to buy this so stop pretending you wont.
Posted 03:19pm 23/8/13
Pretty keen to give it a go. Anyone who put hours into BF3 MP is going to buy this so stop pretending you wont.

Hahahaha.... true :(
Posted 03:30pm 23/8/13
12 minute video of Paracel Storm, same video as the other thread but it got closed because of an unrelated video in another post.

Posted 03:32pm 23/8/13
Can't wait for BF4, a lot of game types are coming and if you have premium, a lot of updates are coming. I've enjoyed BF3, I never really play it by myself, always playing with others using voice comms. Voice Comms is a must for battlefield!
Posted 05:36pm 23/8/13
12 minute video of Paracel Storm, same video as the other thread but it got closed because of an unrelated video in another post.
Not only that but you posted more than an hour before hurl.
Posted 06:36pm 23/8/13
No, it got closed because there was already a thread about Paracel Storm created a day and a half earlier which you could have easily put the video in:

Which incidentally is still a much better place to put that gameplay video than this thread.
Posted 10:38pm 23/8/13

720p for console

"Just got confirmation from Lars in an interview... BF4 on PS4 runs at 720p upscaled to 1080p and solid 60 fps."
Posted 02:21am 24/8/13
lol consoles...
Posted 09:16am 24/8/13
That is during development, another tweet said they will be changing the resolution before launch after they have finished optimizing it. Though it still may not get all the way to 1080.

I'm going to have to buy a new graphics card if I want to play this... I suspect a 6970 won't cut it.
Posted 11:23am 25/8/13
I really just hope this doesn't range from cool, to gimmicky where it ruins maps.

The little stuff interests me way more than the big stuff. I would also rather you could destroy every building, not just one set one.

I just hope that it doesn't end up with a bunch of stuff half the players focus on setting off every round.

Things like parcel storm. As cool as the weather changing is, I think it could actually end up getting annoying. I'd rather they have something dynamic with how it works. I personally think every map should have a few different weather settings which can be server side, dynamic, random or something.
Posted 05:52pm 25/8/13
Would be cool of weather was client side settings, I would have every map dark and stormy.
Posted 06:00pm 25/8/13
the gameplay videos i've seen are making me consider purchasing it. however, i would have to upgrade my system first.
Posted 06:27pm 25/8/13
Here's a VOD from one of the day 3 at Gamescom
Posted 11:14am 26/8/13
Battlefield 4 launches with 10 maps and 7 game modes
Posted 11:27am 27/8/13
Lets hope they do a better job of implementing modes into the maps.

One of the most annoying aspects of BF3 was that the release maps were mainly each build specifically for one main mode. Then the other ones were crammed in, whether it worked or not.
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