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Revealed earlier this year as a PlayStation Vita exclusive title, Digital Dreams has returned to the PlayStation US Blog to unveil new details on how exactly their atmospheric infographic puzzle action game Metrico will work gameplay wise.
In Metrico the player needs to traverse the game world, which is built from all sorts of infographics, like bar diagrams, pie charts, line graphs, etc. These infographics constantly change based on your actions, movements and input. It’s something we’ve never seen before, that’s why we conveniently dubbed this ‘Input Morphing’. And also, because you are morphing the entire game world with your input.

Imagine if you would, a bar shooting up in the sky when you fire a projectile, while another shrinks with every step you move. A pie chart may embody the times you have died and a triangle plot shows the relation between your horizontal and vertical movement of your PS Vita.

You have to watch your every move to make it to the end of the worlds, because this move may cause the next platform to become unreachable. You will have to analyze and experiment with the world presented, while your reflexes, intuition and smarts are being tested. The challenge of the game lies within figuring out what each infographic conveys and being able to think outside of the box.
No release date has been given yet, however a new gameplay trailer has been promised for those not able to get hands-on time with the game at a number of upcoming events, including tonights Gamescom event. Check out the PlayStation Blog for more on what Metrico has in store and check out the previous gameplay trailer below.

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