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Post by Eorl @ 10:29am 20/08/13 | 3 Comments
WildStar, the sci-fi MMO due out in 2014, will be throwing out the normal free-to-play or buy-to-play fashion of late MMO launches and heading for a subscription model, developer Carbine has announced. Before you grab your pitchforks in hopes of turning the developers mind, there is a small twist: players will be able to purchase game time by trading in-game gold.

Certificate of Research, Exploration, Destruction and Development, or CREDD for short, will be launching alongside the game and utilise a similar system to CCP's PLEX currency currently available in EVE Online. Players who have too much in-game cash for their liking will be able to purchase CREDD through the game's website, which can be redeemed for a month worth of game time, and then be sold directly through the game's marketing system directly to players in need for a gold return. Simply put, those who are able to gain enough in-game gold will be able to play in what would essentially be a free-to-play form.

The system does rely on some constants though, in that it expects someone to be purchasing the $19.99 priced CREDD through WildStar's website. If no one is purchasing CREDD, then no one can purchase it in-game. Hopefully though this is offset by those strapped for cash, who will look to the $19.99 price tag as means of gaining in-game currency in a flash. Players will find the tradeable game time available on the Currency Exchange, what Carbine are dubbing a "stock market that lets you trade C.R.E.D.D. to other players for earned in-game gold."
The CX is unique in that when a player wants to buy a particular commodity, they will only be able to buy that commodity at the lowest currently offered price, with no awareness of who’s actually selling it. Once the stock of that commodity at that price is gone, players will then be able to buy from the available stock at the next lowest price.
If you are still confused on what exactly CREDD does and how it all functions, Carbine has a handy FAQ that will ease your mind on all the big words and numbers, even including a nice interactive story.

Carbine has also revealed pricing plans for the initial purchase and subsequent subscriptions fees, putting both the boxed and digital purchase at $60. Subscriptions follow the usual steps of other payment plans, starting at $14.99 and going all the way to 12-month plan.

WildStar is now planned for a Spring 2014 release (Autumn 2014) on PC, pushing the date back from its original 2013 release later this year.

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Latest Comments
Posted 11:26am 20/8/13
sounds like the type of thing that could go horribly wrong
Posted 03:43pm 20/8/13
Phooks, CCP seem to have it working well. so I cant see why it wont work for WildStar.

I gotta say I honestly don't mind paying a sub if its a good game. so far it looks like it will be fun, time will tell I guess..

Posted 08:00pm 20/8/13
Its an interesting method & one i wish more companies would go with.
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