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Post by Eorl @ 06:32pm 17/08/13 | 8 Comments
A new gameplay trailer has surfaced for DICE's upcoming current and next-gen title Battlefield 4, showing off what they are calling "Real Players, Real Gameplay" action from the title. According to the blog post, the new trailer offers unscripted gameplay pulled directly from the game utilising the new spectator mode to get as close to the action as possible.
Fans know that Battlefield games are packed with unique, thrilling moments – the kind of moments you can find Only in Battlefield. That’s why we’ve asked some fans to tell us their experiences in Battlefield 4, and we’re sharing their stories with the world.

Only in Battlefield means jumping out of a jet, spinning around, and destroying the jet chasing you with an RPG. It means bringing down a skyscraper and parachuting off as the building crumbles beneath your feet. It means that moment when your team erupts in cheers as you make the impossible happen.

Check out the unscripted gameplay in action below.

battlefield 4gameplay trailer
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Latest Comments
Posted 07:00pm 17/8/13
F*** yes! custom camos for my choppa. Aw Yeah!
Posted 07:46pm 17/8/13
Seemed super scripted to me.
Posted 08:15pm 17/8/13
F*** that video was annoying. They could haev done without the "Product not yet rated" bull s*** at the end of each clip over and over and the frigging intro could have been done just ONCE FFS. Needs and edit, then it would be worth watching.
Posted 08:34pm 17/8/13
I don't care for this type of promotion. They make it seem cheesy and fake. I would rather 3 min of solid gameplay then this.
Posted 09:04pm 17/8/13
I agree blade. I would like to see two teams of random players selected from a barrel and watch a few rounds of game play.
I'll probably give this a try when i get my PS4. But if much hasn't changed from bf3 it will be the last battlefield game i buy for a long while.
Posted 01:06am 18/8/13
Twisted is right. It's ironic what the guy says at 1:00 xD
Posted 01:11am 18/8/13
Wow that was s*** but I guess it is meant for TV where you'll only see one at a time.
Posted 11:22am 18/8/13
How are real players playing the game already?

Nothing like this is really surprising or out there for BF fans. I do like that they are at least expanding things, like the swimming and combat while in water.

I also like the way they seem to be coming a bit of CQ maps into bigger maps. Like the Top level of the building. I just hope the maps are bigger and more complex. That maps looks like it could be awesome, but I also know it could be quite small. Although 64 player on console should help eliminate that persistent map size problem with BF3.
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