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Post by Eorl @ 09:03am 16/08/13 | 4 Comments
With Techland's latest first-person zombie title Dying Light not expected to be released until 2014, the developer has revealed a new 12 minute gameplay demo to help ease the wait, showing off a number of key mechanics that the game harbours.

One of the most prominent of these mechanics is the free running movement, allowing for unrestricted exploration and weapon-crafting, offering players to leap between buildings, grapple up walls and pounce on unsuspecting enemies. The gameplay demo shows this off quite well with the large amount of jumping around, giving us an idea of how easy it is to pick and choose your path of choice.

The demo also makes note of the day/night cycle that Techland are introducing in Dying Light, that will alter what the developers are calling the "infected" and how they interact with the player. Come night though and the infected ramp up their aggression, making them more dangerous to the player. Players will also find that certain infected will only appear after sundown, making hunting just that little bit harder.

Check it out for a great look at what to expect from Dying Light, and also swing by our recent hands-on impression for more.

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Latest Comments
Posted 09:48am 16/8/13
Looks 100% like dead island during the day.
Night gameplay change looks like it could be good
Posted 06:33pm 16/8/13
looks interesting.. dead island was a real disappointment for me.. loved the idea though.

Hopefully this one fills its spot.
Posted 07:49pm 16/8/13
Will killing zombies ever get old?
Posted 05:18pm 17/8/13
This looks like Dead Island taken to the next level. Just hope the co-op is done decently
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