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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 02:56pm 15/08/13 | 0 Comments
At PAX Aus this year, AusGamers was given a chance to speak with one Cameron Lee, an Aussie expat now living the dream as a producer at BioWare whose current gig happens to be Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Unfortunately, being a community event, we weren't really allowed to broach the topic of his game, however, we did manage to have an in-depth conversation with him about his Aussie development beginnings, his thoughts on Triple-A vs indie as separate industries, BioWare always developing on PC first and what has him -- and the studio -- excited about next-gen offerings.

Here's an excerpt:
"That’s a really good question actually. So we develop on PC, so first and foremost, we develop on that. I’m a massive PC gamer; I own all the consoles, but I rarely use them, because of PC, why not? But in terms of the titles going forward into the next-generation, mostly you’d aim for platform parity. If you can do something that’s pretty special on a particular platform, you try and find a way to do it, or at least give a similar kind of experience across the other platforms.

"Because we wouldn’t want to cut great parts of the game out from other audience groups; I would never want to do that. So definitely platform parity would be great. Obviously between gen three and gen four it’s going to be different, and that’s a struggle in and of itself. The graphics obviously, on gen four are wicked; on high-end PCs they’re great. You’re going to struggle to get as good a looking game on the gen three stuff, but we’ll do the best we can."
The interview is an excellent read or watch, and given the off-limits limitations we think we did pretty well to get this much meat from Cameron.

Click here for our full Cameron Lee BioWare interview feature.

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