With the arrival of Wrath of the Lich King Classic we sit down with the team to discuss the process, making changes, and the goals for the Classic team.
Blizzard on World of Warcraft Wrath of the Lich King Classic
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Another Aussie-made gem, and a wonderful spin on the Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing genre.
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Wayward Strand Review
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In preparation for the release of their open-world title in September, Rockstar has unveiled a new interactive travelogue that features a variety of "unforgettable west coast destination with limitless possibilities." Included in the new travelogue is a number of key destinations that players will be able to visit, varying from the high skies thanks to pilotable aircraft or the deep below where players can explore the depths of the ocean.
* Fast Cars at Your Fingertips: If you are ready to hit the highway in a sleek sports car or go off-roading in Blaine County in an SUV, avoid pushy salesmen and select from a stunning array of vehicular options online.

* Thriving Economy & Commerce: Every day the stock exchange is minting millionaires who know how to play the market. Take your gains and invest in the volatile Los Santos commercial real estate market. To go big in this town, you just might need to buy a building.

* Affordable Healthcare: Thanks to recent legislation, if you receive something as harmless as a scratch or as serious as a bullet wound, any of our state certified medical centers will patch you up and make sure the healthy bill is picked up by taxpayers.

* Vehicular Customization Shops: Residents of Los Santos take great pride in their cars. They spend the majority of the day in them. When you're ready to trick out your ride, visit LS Customs, because nothing says class like neon.
Of course it wouldn't be a Grand Theft Auto game without some political tongue-in-cheek campaigns, with candidate Sue Murry running against conservative challenger and famous star of screen and TV, Jock Cranley. Check out their videos below alongside a whole truckload of screenshots showing off the beautiful destinations you'll find around Grand Theft Auto 5, all of which you can find in the handy travelogue.

grand theft auto 5open-worldrockstartravelogue
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