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Post by Eorl @ 09:01am 15/08/13 | 6 Comments
Activision has unveiled the first glimpse of multiplayer for their latest Call of Duty title, this time featuring for the first time the ability to play as a female soldier within the games competitive scene. Players will be able to customise their soldier with "over 20,000 possible combinations, including heads, body types, equipment, gender, and more."
“Call of Duty: Ghosts continues the tradition of unrivaled gameplay and innovation that has made Call of Duty one of the most engaging entertainment experiences in the world played by more than 100 million fans,” said Activision Publishing, Inc.’s CEO, Eric Hirshberg. “Call of Duty set the benchmark for the current gen and that’s exactly what we’re aiming to do for the next generation.”
Customisation isn't just limited to your solider this time round, with Ghosts offering an entire squad of up to 10 unique soldiers which can be customized down to their appearance, perks, loadouts, and style of play. Each member of the squad will also be unique in their XP earnings, allowing for individual prestiges and rewards.

Squads will also be making an appearance in the aptly named Squads mode that will see players pit their squads against other opponents. You'll be able to enlist to play solo, cooperatively up to 6-players, or competitively for one vs. one, head-on matches pitting players and their squads against others and their squads.
Squads features a variety of play-types, allowing fans at any time to swap-out their custom A.I. soldiers with real friends for quick-action co-op. The competition can be fierce as squad soldiers display life-like, skilled tactics and behaviors like side-strafing, corner-camping, jump-shooting and more. Players, plus their squads, will earn XP, and if you’re offline, be prepared as your squad may get challenged for play without you.
Dynamic maps will also make their debut within the multiplayer, enabling players to alter the layout of the map on the go. While not offering direct destruction like its competitor Battlefield 4, player-triggered traps and events allow gamers to strategically redirect the course of battle, including the ability to call-in a map-changing killstreak, which can completely transform or modify the map delivering new levels of strategy and gameplay.

Those worried about their stats when transferring over to the next-gen systems need not worry, as Activision has also announced that both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 users can transfer all their Call of Duty: Ghosts stats, unlocks, and more through the Call of Duty Elite account system.

Check out the multiplayer trailer below which also conveniently debuts the new track "Survival" by Eminem. If you want to learn more on what else is coming in the multiplayer side of Ghosts, check out the official website which includes a run down on clans, bots and more.

call of duty: ghostsmultiplayereminemfemale soldier
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Latest Comments
Posted 09:38am 15/8/13
You, sir, exemplify everything that is wrong with gaming. Grow up.
Posted 09:46am 15/8/13
I thought the grfx were ment to be good?
Posted 11:59am 15/8/13
heh actually looks like a bit of fun. havent played a cod in years so maybe ill give it a whirl.
Posted 12:43pm 15/8/13
Agree CTD, I haven't looked at a COD game since the first Black Ops but this actually has me interested. Will probably grab both BF4 and Ghosts on the cheap though.
Posted 12:53pm 15/8/13
PC player here.

I'll be getting the game. I always enjoy the COD single players. I have enjoyed the MP of following years to different amounts.

I only played 9 hours of MW3 MP and didn't like it at all. However BO2 i've done 74 hours and it's fine. I enjoy it.

Although that's about half of BO1 or MW2 for me.

Things like BF3 I am approach 600 hours. BC2 I am something like 400.

Those figures are closer to my COD4 and WAW play times, I assume.

So I am someone who plays less and less, a bit of a love hate relationship.

Looking at this, yeah it looks fine. However I want to enjoy and like COD MP. I've had great times. However nothing here looks any different. Also, the graphics look worse than BO2. I'm not quite sure what's going on. Is this still the same damn engine? Is this another case where both studios have different versions of the engine. So you get a release after the previous one, which isn't as good. See BO1 after MW2.

Come on, it's next gen. Give us a new engine. I'll get it, if it's decent I'll play for a bit. However I know for a fact there's no way this will be as good as BF4. Well unless they screw that up. At least with BF4 looking similar to BF3. It's a game which is still fresh and we know the are taking it up a notch and adding a lot. Sure it's things most of us wanted in bf3. However that game was still good. This should make it better.
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