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Post by Dan @ 09:52am 13/08/13 | 3 Comments
Indie studio Creative Intelligence Arts has launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding drive for Project Phoenix, a game described as a "squad-based, real-time strategy, combined with strong Japanese RPG design influences". The development team is Japan-based, but very much multinational, including Australians, and boasts some series cred, with the likes of Final Fantasies, The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, Valkyria Chronicles, L.A. Noire, Diablo III, Halo 4, Crysis 3 in their portfolios, and notably counts renowned Final Fantasy composer Nobuo Uematsu among its ranks.
We are making a rich, immersive game that will set a new standard of excellence for the Japanese gaming industry, all without major studio backing! Although we have a large array of top talent, we are JRPG fans first and foremost and wish to create a game worthy of longstanding JRPG fans who truly deserve it. In doing so, we will become a phoenix that will rise from the ashes to forge a new direction for the Japanese games industry through a work that awes and inspires all. With the lofty heights we’ve set, we’d like YOU to be a part of our vision and the process and we’re optimistic about it. After all, we’ve got a brave, stubborn, if somewhat forgetful angel on our side, reminding us of what we truly stand for!

Project Phoenix is a fantasy themed squad-based real-time strategy game combined with Japanese RPG design influences. The game draws you in with its breathtaking fantasy world, deep storyline, Japanese character designs, and a memorable cast, most notably, the band of heroes under your command. Furthermore, its intuitive real-time tactical combat is dynamic, fluid, and streamlined, allowing you to experience the strategic options without being bogged down by overwhelming archaic battle systems.
In its first 9 hours of a 30 day campaign, the project has already blown past its initial US$100,000 goal and is expected to outline further stretch goals, including a multiplayer component. Target platforms are PC, and iOS/Android, with PlayStation 4 and Vita reportedly being negotiated.

Watch the pitch video below, and head over to the Kickstarter page if you feel like donating to the cause.

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Latest Comments
Posted 12:53pm 13/8/13
Only $100,000 goal? I guess they expected all the staff to work for free or something?
Posted 12:54pm 13/8/13
O probably should have read more before I posted:

In the FAQ:

When you think of usual developing fees, USD100,000 is definitely not enough to create a video game. However, as each of our members are professionals in their own field, they do not require a salary right now, and so, are donating their time and effort into developing Project Phoenix. Their reward will come in the fans’ evaluation of the game and a %-based royalty of all sales. This is the reason why our project will never fail due to lack of finance after we reach our goal. It is possible to release our game with just our developers' work, but there is one cost that we just cannot ignore in order to make the highest quality video game. Our pledge, USD100,000 will be used for one of the best 3D modeling out there. This figure is the most minimum cost required.
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