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Post by Eorl @ 09:26am 13/08/13 | 12 Comments
Chivalry is definitely not dead when it comes to Torn Banner Studio's first-person medieval slasher title, which has seen more than 1.2 million copies sold since its launch back in October of 2012.

Showing off their numbers in a new infographic, Chivalry: Medieval Warfare has seen 23,233 concurrent users at peak, with the most sales being contributed to the USA at 455,802. Australia is also represented on the chart, coming in at sixth on the sales chart with 71,533 copies sold so far.

To celebrate this milestone, Torn Banner studios has added character customization to Chivalry by way of a new content update. The new customisation system will let you change a number of your characters visual details, including new helmets and new crests plus a variation of tabard and shield patterns. You'll also be able to colourise your chosen warrior to really stand apart from the rest of your other colourful teammates and enemies.

Of course it isn't just customisation that is coming in the latest patch, with the inclusion of your usual bug fixes and class changes to boot. You can find out more on what is to come in the content update 2 patch over at the official website and check out the infogrpahics below.

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Latest Comments
Posted 09:31am 13/8/13
And they say Australians is a worthless market... We're almost up there with the Americans this time around o.0
Posted 09:37am 13/8/13
I love this game, I can't get enough.
Posted 11:43am 13/8/13
Yeah this game is awesome, reminds me of the multiplayer in Rune

Mace and Shield combo is awesome literally walking around knocking heads off lol
Posted 12:41pm 13/8/13
Is Toll the person i always see adding scoreboard pics on steam?
Posted 12:48pm 13/8/13
Sure is. hehe
Posted 01:45pm 13/8/13
Sweet, I noticed my game updating this morning.

Just getting back into this as well.
Nerf Stormborn
Posted 02:31pm 13/8/13
I presume that this is sold exclusively through steam, no store packaging or console versions, and very little apparent advertising. In which case, that's pretty damn impressive.
Posted 04:30pm 13/8/13
You dont buy it full price noob. It was like $10 during steam sales which IMO makes it a bargain.

Edit - I thought you said expensive, not impressive. My bad - was stimmed out from preworkout supps.
Nerf Stormborn
Posted 03:01pm 13/8/13
Yeah I thought of that, but I mean in relation to other games which are heavily advertised, shown in stores, can be bought through other avenues, this performed extraordinarily well.
Posted 04:29pm 13/8/13
They had a lot of youtube advertising, getting a bunch of different LPers and such playing against eachother.
Some of the players have over a million followers, so it's been seen by some people.
Nerf Stormborn
Posted 04:55pm 13/8/13
Is that advertising-budget type advertising, or incidental because the game is so awesome advertising?
Posted 06:37pm 13/8/13
The game lends itself well to Let's Play, it is good to watch and pretty brutal. Combine it with a brit accent and it's a winner.

I highly recommend playing it if you want to see how melee based combat in a First Person setting should be done. Be warned, it leaves the combat in games like Skyrim .. lacking.
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