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Post by Dan @ 08:47am 13/08/13 | 6 Comments
As is Rockstar's way, Grand Theft Auto V has another teaser for a teaser, with the developer letting it be known that they'll be unveiling the hotly anticipated game's multiplayer component this week.

The self-explanatory image was posted on Rockstar's Twitter and news feed, heralding an August 15th revealing of Grand Theft Auto Online (which equates to early Friday, August 16th here in Australia), at and promising a gameplay video and new previews.

Grand Theft Auto V is due on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on September 17th 2013.

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Latest Comments
Posted 09:23am 13/8/13
On the same topic I saw this which cracked me up.

Grand Theft Piano

Posted 09:43am 13/8/13
I'm totally uninterested in GTA5's multiplayer. To me GTA has always been about d***ing around the game world doing whatever comes to mind, along with missions at my own pace. That being said, good multiplayer doesn't hurt.
Posted 09:48am 13/8/13
Also, this is why PC gaming is best:

Posted 10:34am 13/8/13
Posted 10:45am 13/8/13
My other comment seemed to have broke.

Edit: and I can't seem to embed youtube links.
Posted 11:41am 13/8/13
I picked up a PS3 the other night to play Last of Us so I'll defiantly be picking GTA5 up for that over my Xbox, Multiplayer GTA5 is going to be hectic so many lols to have
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