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2D war game King Arthur’s Gold has entered its beta phase, with indie developer Transhuman Design revealing in a new blog post just some of the many features that have made their way into the new beta phase.

Founder of the studio Michał Marcinkowski ‘MM’ has outline the new features that purchasers of the beta will gain, including a look at "short story-mode called “Save the princess” (to be fleshed out later)." The game will also include naval warfare, the ability to ride and tame animals, new graphics style, new siege weaponry, bug fixes and full access to the games logic scripting for modders to play with at their pleasure.
KAG is a 2D cooperative war game played with up to 32 players. Play as Knight, Archer or Builder in a large medieval world with physics allowing the construction (and destruction!) of medieval fortresses. KAG blends the creative aspects of Minecraft, the medieval strategy of Age of Empires 2, with fast class-based team-driven gameplay of Team Fortress 2, sprinkled with the extreme fun from the teams previous game Soldat.
To help celebrate the transition from alpha to beta, Transhuman are also offering a low price of $9.99 for the entire game, but also for the next two weeks a 189 page art book full of MM’s scribbles and Geti’s hand-drawn sketches will be offered alongside your purchase. Sound good? Check out the beta trailer below to see it in action and head over to their main website for more.

king arthurt's goldbetasoldat
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Posted 02:35pm 10/8/13
F*** Soldat is the best lan game eva.. So much fun and funny.
Posted 02:55pm 10/8/13
lol at the flood
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