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Blizzard has posted up a new blog post detailing that they are moving ever closer to the release of a beta for their TCG title Hearthstone, having just passed an important milestone last week.

According to developer Jason Chayes, the team has finished work on a number of features to the game, including a revamp of the arena with new rewards, quest tuning, UI updates and more. The team are now moving into the bug and improvement category of development, though did reveal that "we’re not days away from launching the beta, but we’re not months away either." The North American beta will be first but fully localised betas for Europe, Korea and Taiwan will follow.
At the Hearthstone announcement we committed to going into beta testing before the summer was over, and the team has been pulling out all the stops to make that happen. Sometimes that has meant ditching meetings to fix a gnarly bug, and it’s often meant working long hours to get that additional layer of polish in. It’s a pretty intense time, and what keeps us going is that we’re just as excited as you guys about the release of the beta.
Chayes also revealed that those who participate in the beta and spend real money to test the card purchasing system will be granted with a unique special golden version of Gelbin Mekkatorque, which will only be available throughout the closed and open beta phases.

Those looking out for cross-platform play between PC and iPad will be happy to here that the most recent tests were successful, with iPad taking home the win. Read the blog post for more on the outcome.


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Oh wow is this Blizzards new IP? Nope it's a card game.
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