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With the recent reveal of not just one but two MMO titles now in-development, EverQuest Next and its sandbox counterpart Landmark, developer Sony Online Entertainment has taken to their YouTube page to reveal a new behind-the-scenes video of just what their development team has been up to, and what secrets may lay ahead.

Titled "Inside the Black Box", the new video includes a number of developer discussions on just what SOE have been up to, and what they plan on delivering in their two sandbox MMORPG titles. Included within the video is also a very interesting, but very brief glimpse at an Oculus Rift device, confirming that the development team is looking at supporting the virtual headset.

There are also various showcasings of gameplay in action, including what looked to be early alpha concepts of hotbars and UI designs. Senior Producer Terry Michaels takes the camera through to a number of key developers, including Lead Designer Darrin McPherson who talks a bit about making sure key parts of the game's systems are fun and understandable.

Of course a behind the scenes video isn't complete without some hidden messaging, which YouTube user Kyle Rybski has kindly slowed down to reveal Terry Michaels' Inner Monologue by Director of Development for the EverQuest Franchise, Dave Georgeson. It goes as follows:
"I'm having all sorts of interesting thoughts today, but the one that's really on top of my mind is what I'm going to be wearing to the pool party. I'm thinking a speedo. And not just any speedo, I have to pick just the right one. I've got all these different colors.. hmm. The blue one with the Firiona on front! THAT'S the one I'm gonna wear. Yeahhhhhh. In FACT, I bet I could get enough of them printed for the ENTIRE TEAM to wear at the pool party! That's a GREAT idea! I'll send out an email right away. You know, I wonder what Dave will think of this idea. I want Dave to like me. I FORGOT! I was supposed to talk about perma death!"
Check it out below, and if you need some more information on what exactly EverQuest Next and its sandbox counterpart have to offer check out this great guide at EQNexus.

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