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Post by Eorl @ 09:43am 07/08/13 | 12 Comments
Game Informer has gone live with their September 2013 issue, and with it a full blowout on a very large amount of information for BioWare upcoming RPG Dragon Age: Inquisition. The information is wide and varied including a look at playable races, new combat systems, open-world exploration, environmental destruction thanks to the Frostbite engine and more.

The juicy tidbits are quite large, and those wanting the full details should head over to either the NeoGAF post or Gaming Everything where they are keeping tabs on the rush of new information, but here is a quick summary of some of the more interesting bits.
Players will find themselves choosing between three classes: warrior, rogue and mage. They will also be given the option of three races at this moment: human, elf and dwarf, with hints at more to possibly come. Your character will once again be fully voiced and will also be able to choose either male or female. Events will apparently take place "as you perform them, not being relayed by another character."

In regards to the world, players will find that the Inquisition has a long reach, with the ability to visit multiple large locations thanks to the Frostbite engine that the team are using. The structural style will be similar to Dragon Age: Origins, though you aren't required to complete everything in the game. Freedom is apparently quite big, though BioWare "has a story to tell" and you'll be able to access a mount for ease of travel. The mount system is apparently more complex than just using the horse as travel, presumably allowing you to engage in combat on horseback.

A crafting system will be making a return, though you will "use materials from around the world and enemies you defeat to make customized armor. Crafting in Inquisition is about customizing yourself, your character, your looks. You can, technically, eventually create any colored version of the armor your start out with on par with what you find late in the game." Characters will also keep their look, but the armour will have huge influences on how they look.
Interestingly, multiplayer has not been confirmed or denied yet, with BioWare revealing that it was "surprising how well it was received in Mass Effect, and we were really happy with how that worked out." Hopefully we'll hear more on that and many more details leading up to the eventual release.

To help quench your taste buds, a behind the scenes video has been revealed by Game Informer that shows off some pre-alpha gameplay for the game. Check it out below.

Dragon Age: Inquisition is due in Autumn 2014 (Northern Fall) on PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

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Latest Comments
Posted 09:50am 07/8/13
O well, So much for going back to the Original Dragon Age type game. Pass on this.
Nerf Stormborn
Posted 09:55am 07/8/13
Dragon Age gaining Skyrim like level design and movement is a good thing in my eyes. Bioware has had the most horrendous level design philosophy since Neverwinter, I think it's the one major thing which prevents the old republic from being a great game in fact.
Posted 09:57am 07/8/13
Looks promising, I'm a bit more interested now than I was. But whats up with this:

Your character will be fully-voiced for the first time in the Dragon Age series

Maybe I just have a crap memory, but wasn't the player character of DA2 fully voiced?
Posted 09:59am 07/8/13
Looks promising, I'm a bit more interested now than I was. But whats up with this:Maybe I just have a crap memory, but wasn't the player character of DA2 fully voiced?
Indeed you are right, might have blocked that out of my memory :S
Posted 11:21am 07/8/13

It looks as though once again the game is dulled for console, which is a shame, because the flexibility right from the start of the original Dragon Age with its character creation was a big part of what it means to be a true RPG.
Posted 11:40am 07/8/13
Kalizto, it is fair to say that the Dragon Age series is not trying to be a true-RPG, more of an Action/RPG hybrid like Mass Effect. Fair enough, Mass Effect sold well.

For the True RPG games you need to look towards the following:

Wasteland 2 <---- Fallout 1&2 was based on Wasteland 1, Wasteland 2 aims to continue that great RPG post-apocolyptic style, in 3rd person isometric form which is excellent (I say essential) for RPG's. Party based, similar to Wasteland (less like Fallout party system, which was balls)

Project Eternity <---- Based on Baldure's Gate series, again 3rd person isometric, woot, party based.

Torment: Tides of Numenera <-- based on Planescape: Torment, easily one of the most text heavy, in depth story RPG's of gaming history.

All of these are Kickstarter funded, well and truely above the target, and have a very excellent team behind them. Personally I think Wasteland 2 is going to be a screamer.

There is also Shadowrun Returns, recently released from Kickstarter, this didn't have the same quality of team members behind it as the above and they game came out kind of basic. Although it has a pretty good campaign design SDK so some pretty sweet user made stuff should make its way forward. Indeed some interesting stuff has already started.

So fear not, Kalizto, the TRUE RPG lives on, just not here.
Posted 12:07pm 07/8/13
They have the right ideas but they are making it like a hack and slash console game which is an instant no purchase. If they have an option for the PC version to have the gameplay more like DA:O that would go a long way. They seem to be ignorent of the idea that people liked the combat in DA:O, perhaps they know but just don't care.
Nerf Stormborn
Posted 12:22pm 07/8/13
From the brief clip of combat I remember seeing, it looked almost entirely like knights of the old republic auto sword swinging stuff, not hack n slash.
Posted 12:54pm 07/8/13
The game is essentially trying to be like a Fantasy version of Mass Effect, which is fair enough. Mass Effect raked in a lot of cash. If you don't like that sort of thing, then Dragon Age isn't for you, nor will it. They have chosen to go that direction as opposed to the traditional RPG direction.\

Expecting them to make a big U-Turn on their already U-turned design choice is pretty unrealistic, consider that the initial U-turn was most like due to publisher pressure.

Posted 01:58pm 07/8/13
i'm looking forward to the game but i'm not looking forward to origin.
Nerf Stormborn
Posted 03:26pm 07/8/13
Oh s***, it won't be on steam... I'm still waiting on ME3 being on anything but origin...
Posted 03:55pm 07/8/13
I doubt it will ever been available on steam. as long as EA continues to make DLC only purchasable in game, we will never see future AAA titles on steam.
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