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Overkill and 505 Games have outlined their official launch dates for co-operative robbery game Payday 2, revealing that the title will be out on Steam on August 13th, with PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 to follow suit and be out between the 13th and the 16th.
After days of negotiations with Bain, we are happy to tell you that we've come to an agreement.

We have now made sure that everything is in order and that our contracts are in place. The weapon shipments have been ordered and are on their way to D.C. while Bain continues to work on attracting new contacts to Crime.net.
The development team also sent a heartwarming thank you to all those who had "helped us beta test the game so far and posted messages online, sent us feedback and told us how much you appreciate our work. We salute you."

If you haven't yet, you can check out all three episodes of their web series below and swing by the Steam page for more info.

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Latest Comments
Posted 11:31am 07/8/13
It's fun, but I think it's missing some polish that l4d had that kept me coming back.
Posted 05:57pm 07/8/13
Does it have versus? That was the best part of L4D IMO, i was never a fan of running thru the levels coop versus AI.
Posted 06:04pm 07/8/13
it is co-op,
Posted 06:30pm 07/8/13
No versus, the devs have pretty much said they won't add it. They want to dedicate all their resources to the co-op experience.
Posted 09:46pm 07/8/13
it has great gameplay, i bought the CCE (Career criminal edition) - but yes it is lacking polish i just hope that this is because we are playing the beta and once the final is released we can hope to see more polish.
Posted 10:00pm 08/8/13
They've just opened up beta access to all owners of the original Payday:
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