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Publisher Paradox and Swedish developer Fatshark have announced War of the Vikings, a new multiplayer PC action game that will further the melee combat mayhem of the acclaimed War of the Roses with Northlander authenticity.
Developed by Fatshark, War of the Vikings is a new standalone entry into the War franchise that will pull players into the brutal and bloody Viking Age, challenging them to design a personalized warrior and sack England as a mighty Norseman – or defend it as a brave Saxon. Featuring intense close-quarters combat, authentically inspired settings and weaponry, rich customization options, and large-scale 64-player battles, War of the Vikings will add a new unforgettable experience to Paradox’s close combat arsenal.

War of the Vikings features:History Comes to Life (and then you kill it) – Historically inspired content from the Viking Age, including levels and environments, weapons, helmets, shields, and heraldry
  • Close Combat and Ranged Ravaging – Skill-driven fighting blends swinging, blocking, and dodging with intense ranged combat, including arrows, spears, and throwing axes
  • Mod Your Squad – Enhanced squad features allow players to define a role for their warriors in battle using custom squad perks to buff your hirdmen
  • A Viking to Your Liking – Design your own Viking or Saxon warrior, choosing everything from weapons and armor to battle perks, customized taunts to unhinge your foes, and a variety of beard options
  • Pick Your Battles – Game modes include up to 64-player epic battles, new hardcore “Pitched Arena” mode with 32 players and no respawns, and a Training Ground to test out new character builds
  • War of the Vikings is due in early 2014 on PC, and will be preceded by an alpha testing period on Steam that will kick off this month (August 2013), and you can register your interest over on the official website.

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    Posted 10:36pm 07/8/13
    Unholy god Odin yes!!!!!
    Posted 11:01pm 07/8/13
    Didnt play this much. Got chivalry first, played for a while then got WotR as a gift and only played 39mins steam says.

    Really should play it again. Is it still popular online?

    edit - 1 tdm server it seems:
    Posted 11:41pm 07/8/13
    Didnt play this much. Got chivalry first, played for a while then got WotR as a gift and only played 39mins steam says. Really should play it again. Is it still popular online?edit - 1 tdm server it seems:

    I play everyday
    Posted 09:05am 08/8/13
    Chivalry easily has the better combat and better game modes, The customisation of WotR is good though, however what point is customisation if the core swordplay mechanics aren't that great?
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