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Post by Eorl @ 02:41pm 06/08/13 | 5 Comments
While the initial launch of Maxis' sim-city building theme park SimCity wasn't the greatest in history of launches, the developer has revealed that a Mac version of the title will be going live on August 30th.
SimCity will be available for Mac exclusively as a digital release on August 30, 2013. SimCity is cross-platform compatible, so all players, whether on Mac or PC, will be able to play SimCity together in the online connected world and will be able to jump back and forth into their cities regardless of the platform.
For those who purchased either a digital or boxed copy of SimCity on Windows, EA revealed that you'll gain an automatic copy of the Mac version for free via Origin. Purchased in-game sets will also carry over to the Mac version without further purchase, including the recently released Amusement Park expansion pack.

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Posted 04:49pm 06/8/13
Posted 04:50pm 06/8/13
lol, they haven't even fixed the PC version! Stay away ppl.
Posted 06:34pm 06/8/13
So basically they'll just release it for Mac and add +30% to the price? :)
Posted 07:32pm 06/8/13
lol, they haven't even fixed the PC version! Stay away ppl.

special courseware just for you.
Posted 08:17pm 06/8/13
Oh come on, now I know you're trolling.
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